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Kodoku no gurume, TV Series, 2012-2023 IMDB

Pictures provided by: Jnglmpera

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Also known as:

  • The Solitary Gourmet

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Jnglmpera JP

2022-01-05 06:32

[Image: kodokunogurume2021omisokatitlecard.jpg]

I haven't touched this series before for IMCDB as it's light on cars, but the 2021 New Year's Eve Special featured a Mini so I thought I should get around to work on it. I'll probably start from S1 after the 2021 Special as they're on Amazon Prime but anyone is free to add if they wish to do so.

(Also I realized I typo'd the beginning year to 2021 instead of 2012 :().

-- Last edit: 2022-01-05 06:35:20

Jnglmpera JP

2022-01-05 16:12

Jnglmpera wrote
(Also I realized I typo'd the beginning year to 2021 instead of 2012 :().

Start year should be 2012

Jnglmpera JP

2022-01-07 06:58

deleted comment

Jnglmpera JP

2022-01-07 07:01

Miscellaneous traffic from S1:
[Image: ep1_atrai-obstructed.jpg] [Image: ep1_eitaidori.jpg] [Image: ep1_honda_ng.jpg] [Image: ep1_isis-too-close.jpg] [Image: ep1_volvo-blurry.jpg] [Image: ep1_townace.jpg] [Image: ep2_cedric-small.jpg] [Image: ep3_lq-buses.jpg] [Image: ep3_lq-buses2.jpg] [Image: ep4_traffic.jpg] [Image: ep5_noah-partlyvisible.jpg] [Image: ep8_estima-partlyvisible.jpg] [Image: ep8_rear-only.jpg] [Image: ep8_traffic.jpg]

Cars from S1 opening credit:
[Image: openingcreditcars.jpg]

Lights for rjluna:
[Image: ep1_shingo1.jpg] [Image: ep1_shingo2.jpg] [Image: ep8_fumikiri.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2022-01-07 13:32:10

Jnglmpera JP

2022-01-12 10:50

[Image: season2_titlecard.jpg]

Season 2 complete.

Other LQ vehicles of S2
[Image: ep2_bmw_lq.jpg] [Image: ep2_hijet_lq.jpg] [Image: ep3_hiace_lq.jpg] [Image: ep4_comfort.jpg] [Image: ep4_hyundai_lq.jpg] [Image: ep4_mira-lq.jpg] [Image: ep4_noah_lq.jpg] [Image: ep6_lq.jpg] [Image: ep7_choshi-station.jpg] [Image: ep7_crown-blurry.jpg] [Image: ep7_fit-shuttle-blurry.jpg] [Image: ep7_noah_blurry.jpg] [Image: ep7_peugeot-lq.jpg] [Image: ep7_rumion.jpg] [Image: ep7_subaru_lq.jpg] [Image: ep7_too-small.jpg] [Image: ep7_trailblazer_lq.jpg] [Image: ep7_wagonr_blurry.jpg] [Image: ep8_eklasse.jpg] [Image: ep8_priusalpha.jpg] [Image: ep10_crown-patocar.jpg] [Image: ep10_tiidalatio.jpg] [Image: ep10_lq.jpg]

Mitaka traffic lights for rjluna:
[Image: ep12_shingo1.1.jpg] [Image: ep12_shingo2.1.jpg]

Jnglmpera JP

2022-01-14 07:41

[Image: season3_titlecard.jpg]

Season 3 complete.

Route Van reflection
[Image: ep4_routevan-reflection.jpg]

Too small Mira and Minica which I assume is/was owned by someone who works at the restaurant of the episode (3.11)
[Image: ep11_mira-toosmall.jpg]

Choice LQ vehicles
[Image: ep1_partly-visible.1.jpg] [Image: ep2_kato.jpg] [Image: ep4_traffic.1.jpg] [Image: ep4_wagonr.1.jpg] [Image: ep5_celsior-partlyvisible.jpg] [Image: ep6_funcargo_lq.jpg] [Image: ep6_serena_lq.jpg] [Image: ep8_avenir_lq.jpg] [Image: ep9_lq.jpg] [Image: ep10_pickup.jpg] [Image: ep11_swift.jpg]

Yokohama traffic light for rjluna
[Image: ep2_shingo.1.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2022-01-14 07:41:56

Jnglmpera JP

2022-01-17 11:34

[Image: season4titlecard.jpg]

Season 4 complete.

Choice LQ vehicles and establishing shots
[Image: ep4_lq.jpg] [Image: ep4_pajero-toosmall.jpg] [Image: ep5_moped-lq.jpg] [Image: ep6_lq.1.jpg] [Image: ep7_lq.jpg] [Image: ep8_tanto-lq.jpg] [Image: ep9_lq.1.jpg] [Image: ep11_lq.jpg] [Image: ep12_lq.jpg] [Image: ep12_premacy_lq.jpg]

Ginza traffic lights for rjluna
[Image: ep2_shingo1.jpg] [Image: ep2_shingo2.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2022-01-17 12:02:12

993cc VA

2022-01-18 02:38

Looking at these pictures this somehow reminds me of Falling Down but with no violence :D

-- Last edit: 2022-01-18 02:39:44

Jnglmpera JP

2022-01-18 03:28


Jnglmpera JP

2022-01-24 12:39

[Image: title.106.jpg]

Season 5 complete. Adjacent specials are also completed, but the max word count has cut off the episode number for those.

Note to ID'ers: 5.04 and 5 are set and filmed in Taiwan.

[Image: ep4_moped-partlyvisible.jpg] [Image: ep5_moped-2.jpg] [Image: ep5_partlyvisible.jpg] [Image: ep9_auris.jpg] [Image: ep10_establishing-shot.jpg] [Image: asahikawaairport.jpg]

Jnglmpera JP

2022-02-09 11:13

[Image: season6titlecard.jpg]

Season 6 Complete as well as the adjacent End-of-the-Year special.

[Image: ep1_buick-toosmall.jpg] [Image: ep2_stepwgn-partlyvisible.jpg] [Image: ep2_truck-rearonly.jpg] [Image: ep4_legacy-fit.jpg] [Image: acty_lq.jpg] [Image: coupe-obstructed.jpg] [Image: keicar_lq.jpg] [Image: toofar.1.jpg]

Traffic lights
[Image: ep3_shingo1.jpg] [Image: ep3_shingo2.jpg] [Image: ep11_shingo.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2022-02-09 11:14:32

rjluna2 US

2022-02-09 16:02

Jnglmpera wrote Traffic lights

Scheduled to post a comment on 2022-10-9.

Jnglmpera JP

2022-03-02 08:25

[Image: season7titlecard.jpg]

Season 7 complete, along with the 2018 end-of-year special.
Note to ID'ers: 7.09 and 10 are set and filmed in South Korea.

[Image: ep4_lq.1.jpg] [Image: ep4_moco-lq.jpg] [Image: ep5_lq.jpg] [Image: ep6_biante-poorlyvisible.jpg] [Image: ep6_xtrail-poorlyvisible.jpg] [Image: ep9_suv.jpg] [Image: ep11_parkinglot.jpg] [Image: legacy_partlyvisible.jpg] [Image: obstructed.1.jpg] [Image: sakae.jpg]

Traffic light:
[Image: ep3_shingo.jpg]

Jnglmpera JP

2022-03-10 11:58

[Image: season8_titlecard.jpg]

Season 8 and the 2019 end-of-year special complete. The latter is probably the last foreign episode (Busan) in the foreseeable future thanks to COVID... :/

Choice LQs
[Image: ep2_beetle-lq.jpg] [Image: ep2_kannana.jpg] [Image: ep2_lq.jpg] [Image: ep4_lq-parking-lot.jpg] [Image: ep4_porte.jpg] [Image: ep6_altolapin-lq.jpg] [Image: ep6_rearonly.jpg] [Image: ep7_scooter-blurry.jpg] [Image: ep12_minowa.jpg] [Image: kia-suv.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2022-03-11 02:33:23

Jnglmpera JP

2022-04-14 05:05

[Image: season9titlecard.jpg] [Image: titlecard.22.jpg]

Season 9 and the 2020 Special completed, thus more or less making the whole series complete for now... Although there is a new straight-to-streaming mini-season that came out recently that I don't have access to due to not being subscribed to Paravi/Hikari TV.
(Note to self: Clean-up required)

Choice LQ
[Image: ep1_aqua-hiace-blurry.jpg] [Image: ep1_lq-background.jpg] [Image: ep1_parked-cars.jpg] [Image: ep6_subaru-partlyvisible.jpg] [Image: ep12_crown.1.jpg]

Jnglmpera JP

2022-04-14 07:25

Aircraft at: https://impdb.fandom.com/wiki/Kodoku_no_Gurume

Jnglmpera JP

2023-01-07 05:06

Season 10 and 2022 Special completed.
[Image: season10_titlecard.jpg]

Too pixellated...
[Image: ep9_crown.1.jpg] [Image: ep9_dayzroox.jpg]

Choice LQ
[Image: ep2_mb.jpg] [Image: ep2_tokyubus.jpg] [Image: ep8_whitecars.jpg] [Image: ep10_camry.jpg] [Image: ep10_fitshuttle.jpg] [Image: ep10_vezel-blurry.jpg] [Image: ep11_toobackground.jpg] [Image: ep12_bentley.jpg] [Image: kodokus10sp_terioskid.jpg]

Street cars
[Image: ep8_streetcar.jpg] [Image: kodokus10sp_sapporoshiden.jpg]

Hokkaido traffic light for rjluna
[Image: kodokus10sp_shingo.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2023-01-07 05:24:22

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