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Eye of the Beholder; 런닝맨; 화이: 괴물을 삼킨 아이; Morden im Norden; 大決鬥; The Road Within; Réseau baise; Castles and Castanets; Blue Ridge; Edera; The Contract; 프리즌; 나노전사 로카파; Причалы; 지푸라기라도 잡고 싶은 짐승들; (more...)

Arthur, Animation Series, 1996-2022 IMDB

Pictures provided by: sandwad2, opal, Gamer, Caboverlover

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opal TH

2012-05-25 10:29

[Image: Fc.jpg]
[Image: wagong.jpg] [Image: SB3.jpg]
[Image: SB.jpg] [Image: SB2.jpg] [Image: RV.4.jpg] [Image: wagon.1.jpg] [Image: wagonp.jpg]
[Image: mini.1.jpg][Image: pt.1.jpg]

Generic Flxible 'New Look'
[Image: bus29.1.jpg] [Image: bus226.jpg] [Image: bus326.jpg] [Image: bus426.jpg]

Cadillac Stretched Limousine
[Image: cadillacs2.jpg] [Image: cadillac2s2.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2018-12-18 10:13:44

Gamer DE

2013-05-04 11:58

7.06 looks to be a 2001-2007 Dodge Caravan/Chrysler Voyager.

-- Last edit: 2013-05-04 11:58:54

S 415 GT DE

2013-05-04 12:01

More like a 2004+ Toyota Sienna

Gamer DE

2015-04-28 16:03

I do remember that Muffy's dad had a pickup with F O R D stamped into the tailgate in one of the books...

Gamer DE

2016-05-28 12:40

...and in "Arthur, It's Only Rock and Roll" there's an unmistakeable 1998-2002 Lincoln Town Stretched Limousine: Link to "vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net"

-- Last edit: 2016-05-28 12:54:38

Gamer DE

2016-07-17 05:58

Anyone going to update this page? I'm sure that Lincoln can be listed...

BTW, doesn't Postcards From Buster have any vehicles?

(German title: Erdferkel Arthur und seine Freunde)

-- Last edit: 2016-07-17 06:24:43

opal TH

2016-07-17 10:58

Still not good enought.
[Image: limos2.jpg]

Gamer DE

2016-08-10 10:26

I thought this truck in 4.05 could be a Ford Louisville, but now I don't think so anymore.
The mirrors are right, and there are two holes in the bumper like the original. The front's a bit stylized, though, I'll wait for Elmer's or possibly opal's opinion.

-- Last edit: 2016-08-10 10:29:31

opal TH

2016-08-10 11:09

Looks good enough. I'll add it.

shlc647 US

2016-08-18 21:58

I used to love this show as a kid.

Gamer DE

2016-08-18 22:01

I got into it this summer. :) (yeah, call me crazy, but I did, and I made two characters from my unpublished novel big Arthur fans. Now Purzel will probably make some new memes about me... :D)

I do remember it darkly from my childhood in America - I remember we had "Arthur's Underwear" (the book) in our second-grade class. To this day only the very last page remains in my long-term memory...

-- Last edit: 2016-08-18 22:05:37

Gamer DE

2016-08-21 12:30

3.01, Basic enough to be a Willys?
[Image: bustersdad2_zps7bd29d0c.jpg]
If good enough, I'll make my own screenshot as I just pulled this from the net. There's also said to be a 1930s convertible in "Arthur's Faraway Friend" I'll see if I can get a picture of that.

-- Last edit: 2016-08-21 12:34:34

Gamer DE

2016-08-21 20:45

Some realistic vehicles in 6.04:

While the moped and the truck both look quite realistic, though I am unsure what they could be...
[Image: moped2.jpg]
[Image: truck2.jpg]

...this is, without a doubt, meant to be a 1998-00 Chrysler Town and Country. Definitely deserves a page IMO:
[Image: stepaside.jpg]
Two stars.

Opal is of course welcome to replace these pics if he finds better quality ones.

And here is the convertible from "Arthur's Faraway Friend":
[Image: tealcord.jpg]
Definitely a Cord. Granted, it's not super-accurate, but they knew what they were drawing, even though Cords didn't come in teal/gold...I think it could be listed.
Two stars.

This motorcycle appears in 13.10, and also looks pretty detailed (Not my pic, just like the following ones)
Link to "vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net"

An RV seen in 16.01. Might be based off something real:
Link to "vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net"

-- Last edit: 2016-08-21 21:27:03

opal TH

2016-08-21 22:06

Only the minivan can accept for now, I'll find a better quality for it.

Gamer DE

2016-08-21 22:11

For now? What do you mean?

And don't forget to credit me as the picture provider. ;)

EDIT: It's 3:14 in the morning in Thailand, so I guess...

-- Last edit: 2016-08-21 22:15:15

Gamer DE

2016-08-26 21:19

Muffy's limousine reminds me a lot of a Zil, but I doubt they would have Russian stretch limos in America, and that's probably not what they were going for anyways. Plus, it looks far too small.
But there is a resemblance!
[Image: zil.jpg]

If this bike /vehicle_861441.html can be listed, I don't see why the blue and red one with the sidecar I linked can't - they're on the same level of accuracy.

@opal: have you made up your mind on the other vehicles?

Two more semi-accurate vehicles in 5.07:
[Image: beetleporscheandbuster.jpg]
That New Beetle (*) is pretty obvious, but is the other one (**) definitely meant to be a 356? Quadragonal (half-octagonal) wheel arches are artistic license, but the placement of the trim seems to be a giveaway...

Anything? From 7.05:
[Image: elwood_city_turns_100_203.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2016-08-26 22:59:03

Gamer DE

2016-08-28 13:06

16.02 has several detailed cars - here two interiors, if they can identified:
[Image: interior.1.jpg] [Image: interior2.jpg]

Just a generic 20s car?
[Image: twenties.jpg] [Image: forddoctorscoupe.jpg]

What they were going for here does not need to be said, but I would rather list this as a DB4 than a DB5:
[Image: db4.jpg]
Note to self: do not readd. Rejected.

Too small for a Rolls, but definitely British. Alvis? Riley? Wolseley? Jaguar even?
[Image: mauvebritish.jpg] [Image: mauvebritish2.jpg]

Kawasaki KZ1000? From 2.16:
[Image: kawasakikz1000.jpg]

Lotus Exige and Ferrari Enzo in 19.02 (there are better views, rest assured, I just didn't feel like screening them)
[Image: elise.jpg] [Image: eliseandenzo.jpg] [Image: exigeenzo.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2018-12-18 06:59:33 (opal)

johnfromstaffs EN

2016-08-28 19:44

The British car in the thumb above is a 1937 Jenn-Herric Fourteen Special Equipment with jazz patterned upholstery by W C Handy. The cars were built by the remnants of the Ware-Armitage company which went down the pan in the late 1920s, but was rescued by Twyford Adamant and Co following the end of the film contract. The designs, the work of Hugh Rhinal, were originally thrown away together with the recipes from the works canteen, but were recreated after being found in a bog. The factory was located in Sheerness, in order to take advantage of the excellent ferry service to Flushing (Vlissingen).

Not an Alvis, no red triangle on the radiator grille.
Not a Riley, no blue diamond.
Not a Wolseley, no illuminated oval badge.
Not a Jaguar, grille bars too wide, and too few.

Well, the depictions are all rubbish, so I just thought you'd like some more.

-- Last edit: 2016-08-28 20:23:05

Gamer DE

2016-08-28 20:27

Well, at least they're recognizable!

Can you elaborate on Jenn-Herric? When I search that on Google I just get information on a woman who put her baby in the oven....

EDIT: Now I get it. You just made that make up, didn't you?!

-- Last edit: 2016-08-28 20:29:40

johnfromstaffs EN

2016-08-28 20:44

The Jenn-Herric Company of Wyre Piddle in Worcestershire made all sorts of items, none of them particularly memorable. This was mainly due to the inability of their chief designer, the above mentioned Rhinal, to tear himself away from his upright stance and adopt off the wall thinking. One advantage of the Special Equipment models was an angled piece of glass near to the floor, to stop your shoes from getting wet.


Link to "www.insitumanchester.com"


-- Last edit: 2016-08-28 21:09:35

Gamer DE

2016-08-29 19:34

Back to subject, as I don't seem to be encountering any more realistic/accurate vehicles, feel free to add the ones I've posted here. (Naturally only the accurate ones!)

Lateef NO

2016-08-29 19:36

That'll be up to opal to decide, he's the one working on this series.

However, as of now, it doesn't look good when it comes to new additions.

Baube QC

2016-08-29 19:37

the red little convertible is a Miata

Gamer DE

2016-08-29 19:40

Got it, I'll group it with the other one.

Gamer DE

2016-08-29 19:46

Lateef wrote as of now, it doesn't look good when it comes to new additions.

Well, anything's better than this "Hummer"...

And having recently gotten into Arthur, I decided to let battle commence - besides, Opal hasn't done long-time work here since 2012.

At least I can determine and accept if a vehicle is generic, unlike certain other users who I shall refrain from mentioning here... :whistle:

-- Last edit: 2016-08-29 19:58:34

Lateef NO

2016-08-29 19:47

Gamer wrote I decided to let battle commence

So ... much ... cringe ... right ... now

Gamer DE

2016-08-29 19:49

What I meant was "I decided to start work" :p maybe I should have expressed myself differently...

PMEntertainmentLives QC

2016-08-30 12:09


Gamer DE

2016-09-01 14:28

Anyways, on with the search...

This car in 3.15 looks a lot like a Ford T (and I'm not just saying this because it's a teens car, it really does! http://www.mtfca.com/discus/messages/599638/641792.jpg ) but I'm not sure if it is deliberately one, or just a generic teens car:
[Image: grefzeppellin.jpg]
The airship in the pic is supposed to be the Graf Zeppelin.

Another possibility: If it really is supposed to be something, it'll very likely be a Model T as it is the most well-known teens car and it would very likely that they modeled it after one. Besides, we have other unidentified animated teens to twenties cars on the site:
/movie_104652-Kurenai-no-buta.html for instance.

Was there a bodystyle like "Tudor Open Tourer" or similar?

-- Last edit: 2016-09-01 19:54:32

Gamer DE

2016-09-02 11:13

Here's an ab-so-lutely undeniable one!

'41 Chevy truck in 3.04:
[Image: hamburger_castle.jpg]

Gamer DE

2016-09-09 21:35

9.03, Peterbilt 320? That window in the door seems to fit:
[Image: pete3209x03.jpg]

Gamer DE

2016-09-14 17:11

Based on something real?
[Image: africatwin.jpg]
[Image: ducati996.jpg]

Gamer DE

2016-10-10 20:40

Citroen? :lol: From 18.02:
[Image: tfwwt15.jpg]

Gamer DE

2016-10-16 19:41

8.09 - just a generic Jeep? Believe it or not, from a YouTube thumbnail I thought it looked like a Siata Spring:
[Image: valgejeep.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2016-10-17 15:18:56

Gamer DE

2016-10-25 16:34

For now I've only added the Chevrolet, as its the most detailed one - for the others...not entirely sure if accurate enough.

RedBoy9199 DE

2016-11-24 16:59

Gamer wrote Some realistic vehicles in 6.04:

While the moped and the truck both look quite realistic, though I am unsure what they could be...
[Image: moped2.jpg]
[Image: truck2.jpg]

The moped is an austrian Puch and the red truck is a Kenworth T 600.

Gamer DE

2017-01-04 20:10

From "Falafelosophy":
[Image: mr_deegan_and_prunellas_sister.jpg]
Looks like a bit like a Utilimaster Aeromate, but I guess it's too generic?
That's Neil Gaiman on the left, by the way.

-- Last edit: 2017-01-04 20:12:08

Gamer DE

2017-03-29 19:02

Something else I found interesting, from 14.09 a picture of a train from Guinea-Bissau:
[Image: guineabissau.jpg]
EDIT: I've just read Guinea-Bissau doesn't have railway, so it's probably from somewhere else. Arabic on the side should be a clue?

-- Last edit: 2017-03-29 21:05:20

johnfromstaffs EN

2017-03-29 21:05

Tunisian Railways

Tunis - Goulette - La Marsa

Link to "en.m.wikipedia.org"

Been there, done that, didn't get the tee shirt.

-- Last edit: 2017-03-29 21:10:41

Gamer DE

2017-03-29 21:06


Gamer DE

2017-05-19 21:10

Also worth mentioning, a Cars parody in 14.02 :D
[Image: trucks1.jpg] [Image: greentruck.1.jpg] [Image: icecold.jpg] [Image: smelly.jpg] [Image: johnny_halftime.jpg] [Image: longhaul.jpg] [Image: jonny_halftime_fan.jpg] [Image: the_agent_of_change_1.jpg] [Image: the_agent_of_change_2.jpg]

mannofnope PH

2017-05-25 03:06

After A Car's Life: Sparky's Big Adevntures, now Arthur has ripped Cars off?

Gamer DE

2017-05-25 08:43

It's a hommage/parody, not a ripoff. They do this all the time and that's one of the things that makes the show so charming, clever and great.

Gamer DE

2017-06-26 13:13

This truck appears in 20.05 and seems to be based off something real. Can anyone tell what it is?
[Image: 20x05truck.jpg]

Gamer DE

2017-08-16 10:00

This pickup appears in 11.06 and also seems to be based off something real, though it's hard to tell what.
[Image: themakingofarthur.jpg]

Gamer DE

2017-09-15 19:50

I can't quite get a picture of this, but in "Muffy's New Best Friend," Francine and Muffy pass several cars in the mall parking lot, one of which is a yellow 40s sedan that appears to drawn fairly better than the other cars. This can instantly be noticed as all other cars next to it are generic.

-- Last edit: 2017-09-15 19:52:50

Truck_Guy US

2017-09-20 12:05

Gamer wrote This pickup appears in 11.06 and also seems to be based off something real, though it's hard to tell what.
[Image: themakingofarthur.jpg]

Second-gen Dodge Ram? Grill doesn't really match, but the headlights do.

Gamer DE

2017-10-15 20:53

Almost forget to mention Francine's "Batmobile" from 2.17...
[Image: batmobile.jpg]

And of course Crazy Bus with its irritating theme song :D
[Image: crazybus.jpg]

Lateef NO

2017-10-15 20:55

Gamer wrote And of course Crazy Bus with its irritating theme song :D

Oh, you have no idea.

Gamer DE

2017-10-15 20:58

I do have an idea - I knew that "song" long before.

night cub US

2020-07-10 01:08

@GAmer - the van looks generic to me. CAravan-ish maybe, but is it enough to list? Not sure about the bus.

Caboverlover US

2020-10-18 16:08

Too generic in 9.01? I think it might be a van [Image: car.82.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2020-10-18 16:08:39

Gamer DE

2020-10-18 16:10

That one actually does look very interesting. Though it might just be a slightly modified Caravan again since that's the car they frequently use in the show (alongside the Miata)

Caboverlover US

2020-11-02 16:05

A van in 9.03 Supposed to be a Volkswagen I think. [Image: car65.1.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2020-11-02 16:06:58

Gamer DE

2021-07-31 16:25

Arthur has been confirmed to end in 2022 after 26 years and 25 seasons.

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