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MacGyver, TV Series, 2016-2018 IMDB

Pictures provided by: antp, l6632154j, eLMeR

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antp BE

2016-10-04 22:29


I may have missed some cars; as it was not very good I started doing something else while watching it :D
If someone wants to continue it, I'm ok with it (I'll probably continue to watch it a little, just to see if it improves)

shlc647 US

2016-10-05 04:12


As I stated on the page of the original show, I could tell that this reboot would be crap from a mile away because Richard Dean Anderson wasn't going to be returning. But as typical of Hollywood, they remake classics.

-- Last edit: 2017-10-04 23:55:27

Gag Halfrunt UK

2016-11-03 00:06


Filmed in the USA (pilot episode in Los Angeles, first season in Georgia):

CougarTim US

2016-11-12 05:04


Ep. 1.08 (air date November 11, 2016) has an extensive sequence in a junkyard.

antp BE

2016-11-28 17:19


[Image: 108mcg_002620_c25.jpg]

I didn't notice much vehicles worth listing, but as I play Cities Skyine while watching that series I may have missed some

Baube QC

2016-11-28 17:23


seems to have a 1980's LeBaron coupe ( or some other relative or even some other make/model but from the 80's ) under the red PT Cruiser but it is probably too small/not visible enough to add


2018-01-13 08:04


In episode 2.05, the team is said to go on an island in the Bermuda Triangle where a US Army base was abandoned since 1945. Which means that except the 1943 Willys MB, all the vehicles that can be seen in this episode are a bit anachronistic :)


2018-02-06 05:41


Episode 2x10: War Room + Ship
• A 1982-90 Chevrolet S-10:
[Image: macgyver2x10-01641.jpg]
(0:16:41 - [*])

Episode 2x11: Bullet + Pen
When (former) Jack Dalton meets (current) Jack Dalton :) :
[Image: macgyver2x11-03611.jpg]

Unfortunately, no private joke between the two of them (or I don't now the original series enough to be able to notice one). Bruce McGill's character is just an old cop with no relation to his role in the 1st series...

Episode 2x12: Mac + Jack
• An already seen RhinoRAPTOR:
[Image: 212mcgv_000755_c40.jpg] [Image: macgyver2x12-00936.jpg]
(0:07:55 // 0:09:36 - [*])

• A 2015+ Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD Crew Cab:
[Image: macgyver2x12-02728.jpg]
(0:27:28 - [*])

Episode 2x13: CO2 Sensor + Tree Branch
• Another fake MRAP:
[Image: macgyver2x13-00844.jpg]
(0:27:28 - [*][*])

Most probably the same than the one used in the episode 2.04.

-- Last edit: 2018-02-06 06:17:12


2018-02-26 05:22


Episode 2x15: Murdoc + Handcuffs
Without main page:
• Another 2-star 2014-18 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. This time, a Sahara version.

After "old" Jack Dalton meeting the new one in episode 2.11, former Murdoc trying to kill his substitute:
[Image: macgyver2x15-03801.jpg] [Image: macgyver2x15-03802.jpg]
(0:38:01 // 0:38:02)

Unlike the Daltons who had no connection, this time "old Murdoc" appears here as Murdoc's mentor. Should we then expect Richard Dean Anderson to appear in a next episode as (new) MacGyver's dad? :D


2018-04-03 04:21


Episode 2x16: Hammock + Balcony
Background vehicles without main page (either far away or partially hidden):
• A 2006-13 BMW X5:
[Image: macgyver2x16-00927.jpg]
(0:09:27 - [*])

• The 3rd 2015+ Ford Transit of the series:
[Image: macgyver2x16-03856.jpg] [Image: macgyver2x16-03932.jpg]
(0:38:56 // 0:39:32 - [*])

• The 4th 2014+ MB Sprinter:
[Image: macgyver2x16-04101.jpg]
(0:41:01 - [*])

• A 2017+ BMW 5 (G30) and a 2014+ Audi A8:
[Image: macgyver2x16-03418.jpg] [Image: macgyver2x16-03909.jpg] [Image: macgyver2x16-04052.jpg]
(0:34:18 // 0:39:09 // 0:40:52 - [*])

-- Last edit: 2018-04-04 04:14:43

walter IT

2018-04-03 12:31


eLMeR wrote Episode 2x16: Hammock + Balcony
Background vehicles without main page (either far away or partially hidden):

I think they could all get their own pages, not so far away and visible multiple times as I can see by the pics.


2018-04-04 04:18


@ walter:
The "far away" is for the X5. Most important part is:
Quote [...] or partially hidden [...]

Others are seen in the night and/or behind a tree / a character with no more than ⅓ of the vehicle visible, which matches the "do not post pictures of background vehicles that are blurred or obstructed" rule, for me (see the guidelines for adding vehicles to the site).
None of them is rare, they're here obviously randomly chosen by the props masters, so just worth a comment in my opinion. All the more as the 2015+ Transits and the 2014 MB Sprinters already have a main page for this series (see the link in the previous -upgraded- comment).


2018-04-04 04:49


Episode 2x17: Bear Trap + Mob Boss
Background vehicles without main page:
• A 1980-90 VW Transporter T3
[Image: macgyver2x17-01521.jpg] [Image: macgyver2x17-01537.jpg]
(0:15:21 // 0:15:37 - [*])

• A (passing) forklift:
[Image: macgyver2x17-01956.jpg]
(0:19:56 - [*])

• A (still) forklift:
[Image: macgyver2x17-03237.jpg]
(0:32:37 - [*])

• 2 or 3 other 1996+ Stewart & Stevenson M1078 LMTVs:
[Image: macgyver2x17-01953.jpg] [Image: macgyver2x17-02755.jpg] [Image: macgyver2x17-03358.jpg]
(0:19:53 // 0:27:55 // 0:33:58 - [*])

• Some other 2013 Land-Rover Range Rovers, this time used by the "Ukrainian mob":
[Image: macgyver2x17-03600.jpg] [Image: macgyver2x17-03634.jpg]
(0:36:00 // 0:36:34 - [*])

If anyone had still doubts about the fact that MacGyver is a series with no means at all and lazy scriptwriters :D
[Image: macgyver2x17-00121.jpg] [Image: macgyver2x17-00127.jpg]
(0:01:21 - "Warning, radiation" // 0:01:27 - "Chernobyl")

[Image: macgyver2x17-00204.jpg] [Image: macgyver2x17-01303.jpg] [Image: macgyver2x17-01439.jpg]
(0:02:04 // 0:13:03 // 0:14:39 - CGI with water cooling towers of PWR/BWR reactors, not present in Chernobyl)

Some footage from documentaries about Pripyat try pathetically to make the previous cheap scenes more convincing [Image: ddr555.gif]
[Image: macgyver2x17-00856.jpg] [Image: macgyver2x17-00904.jpg] [Image: macgyver2x17-00916.jpg]
(0:08:56 // 0:09:04 // 0:09:16)

-- Last edit: 2018-04-04 05:07:21

antp BE

2018-04-22 20:31


ep 2.19, they re-re-used as Peru the location standing for Portugal in 1.05 ( /vehicle_969715-Toyota-Corolla-E90-1988.html ) and Spain in 2.08 ( /vehicle.php?id=1096495#Comment2279029 ) :D
I let eLMeR posting the pictures when processing the episode...


2018-05-15 10:38


antp wrote [...] I let eLMeR posting the pictures when processing the episode...

Work on progress: vehicles from episode 2.18 are all identified and will be published this week. I'll do my best for episode 2.19 (this week too?) and following episodes.


2018-05-16 06:39


Episode 2x18: Riley + Airplane
Vehicles with a role but without main page:
• The 1978-79 Ford F-Series of the Colton family, already seen in episode 1.16:
[Image: macgyver2x18-00916.jpg] [Image: macgyver2x18-01629.jpg]
(0:09:16 // 0:16:29 - [*][*][*])

• A 2016-18 Nissan Altima (main page here):
[Image: macgyver2x18-02313.jpg]
(0:23:13 - [*][*])

Background vehicles:
• A 2012-17 Hyundai Accent (standard background vehicle of the series? ;) ):
[Image: macgyver2x18-02309.jpg]
(0:23:09 - [*])

• A 2007-09 Mercedes-Benz S-Klasse ([W221]):
[Image: macgyver2x18-02608.jpg]
(0:26:08 - [*])

• 2 other 2015+ Ford Transit (5 used in the series, for now):
[Image: macgyver2x18-02622.jpg] [Image: macgyver2x18-02737.jpg]
(0:26:22 // 0:27:37 - Both [*])

-- Last edit: 2018-05-16 07:03:45

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