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Ghostbusters, Movie, 2016 IMDB

Pictures provided by: CRAFT372, batpigandme, Kooshmeister, mannofnope, opal

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antp BE

2015-07-09 19:13

I already create a page for this upcoming movie to post this link seen via Tonkatracker:

[Image: landscape-1436362300-ecto.jpg]
"This Is the New Ghostbusters Car, and People Are Freaking Out"
Link to "www.roadandtrack.com"

I agree with the article that the 80s Cadillac is a good replacement of the 50s model of the earlier movies, considering that the original movie is 30 years old...


2015-08-27 01:36

Here is another photo of the new Ecto 1 http://www.deviantart.com/art/The-New-Ghostbusters-550937693

modell US

2015-12-15 18:43

Could be an 1984 Caddy in homage of the original movie's release year.


2016-02-05 23:02

I am so happy right now
Link to "brickset.com"

-- Last edit: 2016-02-13 22:26:59


2016-02-15 09:04


GodzillaFan54 CA

2016-02-20 14:12

*gasp* Am I dreaming? ..... GHOSTBUSTERS III IS HAPPENING?!

It's a shame that Ecto-1 is no longer a '59 Cadillac hearse :( They could've chosen a worse car, though. Someone in town drives around in an Ecto-1 Ford Taurus wagon.

carcrasher88 US

2016-03-03 17:03


The first official trailer is out, and I gotta say...this is looking REAL good. The best thing is that it's not appearing to copy the original directly.

There's a few obvious nods to both the original and the sequel, but not enough to take away from the originality of this new addition to the franchise.

Definitely looking forward to this one.

shlc647 US

2016-03-04 17:12

This to me looks like it may be good, the 2nd Ghostbusters was painful to watch and I can still say I prefer the 1st one. I think all the remakes of Sci-Fi movies from the 1980s and etc. are just to show off the technological advancement that has occurred since then.

night cub US

2016-03-04 18:07

@CRAFT372 - Please do not re-submit unapproved vehicles. They do not meet background vehicle requirements. Please review the Help/FAQ page. You were warned once before about this, especially for movie trailers.

Gamer DE

2016-03-04 18:23

...unless you want to end up like me, of course. :p


2016-03-04 18:24

Gamer wrote ...unless you want to end up like me, of course. :p

What happened to you ?

Gamer DE

2016-03-04 18:26

I've lost my uploading rights - I struggled to cope with that at first, but now it's all right, although occasionally I do want them back...

antp BE

2016-03-04 22:53

Well the last time you got them back after a short "ban", it didn't improve much :p
And CRAFT372 is indeed on the edge, remembering the case with the latest Mad Max movie where there were all the time pics submitted from trailer and other promotional sources, if that occurs again on other movies it won't last long...

Gamer DE

2016-03-04 22:56

If you want to see how I've changed my ways, just search for "Wremja" on the site and scroll to the latest comment. ;)

I'm not expecting an instant un-ban, it's just a tip...

BrentMosher420 US

2016-03-16 09:07

carcrasher88 and shlc647 are you guys on crack? I mean, I'm sorry, but this movie looks absolutely terrible. Not funny at all, and obvious feminazi pandering, not to mention racist. It's pretty ironic, seeing as I'm not usually the type to complain about racism, but at least in the original Winston wasn't just there for the sake of being black - he was an actual "character" just like the other guys, and not only that, but he was quite possibly the most "normal" one of the whole group (that was virtually unheard of in 1984). Leslie Jones on the other hand is just a walking stereotype, and not a funny one. I'll just flat-out say it: The very existence of this movie rapes my soul and is slowly turning me gay. I hope Harold Ramis haunts everyone involved.

shlc647 US

2016-03-16 19:36

Like I said, I prefer the 1984 version and it is also basically to show off technological advancements since the original like most other Sci-Fi films of that time. I have thought about it over the past few weeks (also from being harassed by feminists/politically correct idiots at school) that I won't bother seeing it. And I do have a feeling that the black character in this one is just there because of the Oscar Boycott B.S. last month.

-- Last edit: 2016-03-16 19:40:06

BrentMosher420 US

2016-03-17 08:18

shlc647 wrote Like I said, I prefer the 1984 version and it is also basically to show off technological advancements since the original like most other Sci-Fi films of that time.

Part of the problem is that the fx in this remake are not even very good...

BrentMosher420 US

2016-04-06 16:32

OT, but when will Hollywood stop remaking the classics? I mean, come on Hollywood, I know you're out of ideas and everything, but do you have to remake EVERY great 1970s, 1980s, and now even 1990s (Point Break) movie? Can't you guys at least remake really old (I.E. 1950s or earlier) films, or really obscure foreign films or something? Oh well, what can you expect from a guy like Paul Fag and his crew of rabid feminazis. Like I said, I hope they get haunted for real, and even better if it's by the late great Harold Ramis. They'd be getting what they deserve.

BrentMosher420 US

2016-05-15 15:16

Sorry to clutter things up, but anyone who supports this movie gets a chubby when looking at Trigglypuff, and that's a fact.

batpigandme US

2016-05-19 15:26

Just saw the second trailer and there's a kind of cool old-school/dual-sport-looking rat bike that I haven't been able to identify. In case my terrible screenshots aren't enough, it's in the trailer ~1:30 https://youtu.be/gMfUjDnpfRY
[Image: image.1.jpg]
[Image: image.2.jpg]
[Image: image.3.jpg]
Appreciate your help, and please let me know if this isn't the right spot for unidentified vehicles...
Also uploaded the images to imgur in case they're too compressed here to see much: http://m.imgur.com/gallery/5aIh1

-- Last edit: 2016-05-19 15:36:42

mannofnope PH

2016-05-23 08:23

New trailer. Appears to have the nightmarish cousin or younger brother of Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and some cars.

-- Last edit: 2016-05-23 08:29:29


2016-07-11 22:51

Why can't I add the yellow van and the Lincoln Continental to the page ?
[Image: vlcsnap-2016-07-11-19h46m26s931.jpg] [Image: vlcsnap-2016-07-11-19h45m32s860.jpg]

shlc647 US

2016-07-13 02:17

The Lincoln is a Town Car, not a Continental. Also I think both are too background but leave that for an administrator to decide. Only saying my opinion.

night cub US

2016-07-13 02:37

shic647 is correct

hobbyDB US

2016-07-14 18:14

Hot Wheels makes a set of the Ecto-1 and Ecto-2, but the scale looks juuuuust a bit off. Link to "www.hobbydb.com"

mannofnope PH

2016-07-25 10:47

Gonna add some cars which are film footage exclusively seen in the "Girls Talk Boys" music video by 5 Seconds of Summer. Adding the music video too.

mannofnope PH

2016-07-25 10:48

Oh no. Stay Puft Demon is gonna step on these beautiful classics.

[Image: image.15.jpg]

opal TH

2016-09-28 17:49

Movie Complete.
[Image: v.19.jpg] [Image: v3.9.jpg] [Image: v4.9.jpg] [Image: v5.6.jpg] [Image: v6.8.jpg] [Image: v7.6.jpg] [Image: v8.5.jpg] [Image: v9.1.jpg] [Image: v10.3.jpg] [Image: v11.2.jpg] [Image: v12.2.jpg] [Image: v13.1.jpg] [Image: v14.2.jpg] [Image: v16.2.jpg] [Image: v17.2.jpg] [Image: v18.2.jpg] [Image: v19.2.jpg] [Image: v20.3.jpg] [Image: v21.2.jpg] [Image: v22.2.jpg] [Image: v23.1.jpg] [Image: v24.2.jpg] [Image: v25.2.jpg] [Image: v26.1.jpg] [Image: v27.jpg] [Image: v28.1.jpg] [Image: v29.jpg] [Image: v30.jpg] [Image: v31.jpg] [Image: v32.jpg] [Image: v33.jpg] [Image: v34.jpg] [Image: v35.jpg] [Image: v36.jpg] [Image: v37.jpg] [Image: v38.jpg] [Image: v39.jpg] [Image: v40.jpg]

CougarTim US

2016-09-29 01:51

v.19: 2006-2011 Honda Civic
v3.9: Jeep Compass
v4.9: school bus + Chevrolet Suburban
v5.6: Mercedes-Benz C-Klasse + Hyundai Elantra
v6.8: Honda Pilot
v7.6: Mercedes-Benz GLA (rare, but also hasn't been on the market long)
v8.5: Ford Econoline
v9.1: Toyota Corolla
v10.3: Chevrolet
v11.2: Ford Ranger
v12.2: Subaru Forester
v13.1: Mercedes-Benz GLK
v14.2: Toyota Camry
v16.2: Kia Optima
v17.2: Toyota Camry
v18.2: Chevrolet Equinox
v19.2: Honda Accord
v20.3: Ford E-Series
v21.2: Nissan Murano
v22.2: bus
v23.1: Ford E-Series
v24.2: Toyota Camry [XV20] + Volvo S60/V70
v25.2: Dodge Journey
v26.1: BMW 5 [E60]
v27: Hyundai Elantra
v28.1: GMC Envoy XUV (Rare!)
v29: Hyundai Elantra + Acura TL
v30: bus
v31: Toyota Highlander
v32: Acura TL
v33: Buick Lucerne
v34: Lincoln MKZ + Nissan Altima + Dodge Charger + Toyota Camry
v35: Ford Explorer
v37: 2001-2005 Honda Civic
v38: Volkswagen Golf Mk. 4
v39: Dodge Journey + Toyota Camry
v40: 1964 Ford Galaxie 500 + Pontiac Tempest/LeMans

-- Last edit: 2016-10-01 22:14:18

Baube QC

2016-09-29 02:13

v36: 1999+ Ford F-Series Super-Duty ( F-350 in mind )

GodzillaFan54 CA

2017-04-08 09:35

Is the traffic in this movie mixed from different decades? I see Checker Taxicabs, a 1928 Ford, '66 Rambler, and a '56 Dodge.

rtsbusman1997 US

2017-04-21 02:49

Just saw this film. Not entirely sure why people shit on this film so much. On it's own merits, its average at best. The acting is pretty tight and they're doing what they can with the mediocre script. Effects oddly switch quality from scene to scene (how many people did handle the effects on this film? because some CGI is excellent and some isn't for some reason)

-- Last edit: 2017-04-21 03:05:44

GodzillaFan54 CA

2017-07-14 06:42

Also called Ghostbusters: Answer The Call on the home video releases.

train68 US

2019-05-18 21:52

The problem I have with this movie is simply the fact that it's a remake of a 1980s comedy classic. The original is fine just the way it is.

However, I do like the idea of female ghostbusters.

-- Last edit: 2021-01-19 06:22:03

NitroPlus US

2019-07-04 06:34

rtsbusman1997 wrote Just saw this film. Not entirely sure why people shit on this film so much. On it's own merits, its average at best. The acting is pretty tight and they're doing what they can with the mediocre script. Effects oddly switch quality from scene to scene (how many people did handle the effects on this film? because some CGI is excellent and some isn't for some reason)

I personally hate this movie because it's so boring. Jokes drag for way too long, there are a lot of pop culture references that don't make any sense, the pacing is disjointed, and the whole thing just feels like a crappy SNL sketch with a large budget. It also doesn't help that this movie was made entirely by a devious marketing ploy to cause flame wars, which I'm not even gonna mention.

I don't hate this movie because it's inferior to the original (in fact, there are a ton of sequels and remakes that I enjoyed that changed things up a bit), I hate his movie because there's absolutely nothing fun or entertaining about it. Halfway through the movie I was just checking the time to see how long it took before it was finally over.

I'm sure someone's gonna reiterate this and call me out for being a sexist manchild "becuz u need 2 respek wamen" and blindly assume I automatically hate something simply because it has a female lead. I don't. In fact, I ignored all the backlash this movie got and I still was unentertained by it. Honestly, I think it would've sucked even if the leads were still dudes. Basically, it'd just be like Pixels but replace the gamer references with paranormal shit.

I'm not gonna go into a Mr. Plinkett-style rant, so I will just conclude with this. If you enjoyed this movie, then more power to you. I personally couldn't find any enjoyment out of it and will probably never watch this movie again.

kooshmeister US

2019-07-17 11:00

Loved it, myself. Unironically. :D

Asuka Langley Soryu DE

2019-08-24 09:35

This movie sucked. There's nothing funny about it, nothing makes any sense, and every character is an idiot.

GodzillaFan54 CA

2019-10-08 15:28

I tired to watch this. I tried to give it a chance... but when the movie's main villain was revealed to just be a sniveling nerd who wants revenge on the world for treating him like dirt, I gave up. I have a Netflix account, I didn't even pay to watch this garbage and I wanted my money back. This Ghostbusters, not Revenge of the Nerds!! I'd rather watch Revenge of the Nerds, a movie I didn't like, over this purile trash that tried to make a few bucks off the Ghostbusters name by having the exact opposite humors that made the first two so great. F*** this trash, I wish it never happened.

Also, the home video title is Ghostbusters: Answer the Call.

UKboy205 EN

2020-05-17 23:51

Asuka Langley Soryu wrote This movie sucked. There's nothing funny about it, nothing makes any sense, and every character is an idiot.

I agree, it also ruined the Ghostbusters franchise

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