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The Grifters, Film, 1990 IMDB

Images fournies par : vilero

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Titres alternatifs :

  • Grifters (Germany)
  • Ærlige svindlere (Denmark)
  • Los timadores (Spain)
  • Huijarit (Finland)
  • Les arnaqueurs (France)
  • Svindlerek (Hungary)
  • Rischiose abitudini (Italy)
  • The Grifters - Fikserne (Norway)
  • Naciagacze (Poland)
  • Anatomia do Golpe (Portugal)
  • Svindlarna (Sweden)

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vilero ES

2012-03-29 11:20

[Image: th_Grifters1bis.jpg] [Image: Grifters1.jpg] [Image: Grifters5.jpg]

[Image: Grifters2.jpg] [Image: Grifters3.jpg] [Image: Grifters4.jpg]

Film Noir in pure state
Spoiler - cliquez ici pour le voir

-You wanna go to the bathroom and bring me a towel?
-Ever hear about the oranges, Lilly?
-You mean the insurance frammis?
-Tell me about the oranges, Lilly,while you put those in the towel.
-You hit a person with the oranges wrapped up in a towel, they get big, ugly-looking bruises, but they don't really get hurt, not if you do it right.
-It's for working scams against insurance companies.
-And if you do it wrong?
-It can mess up your insides.
-You can get pe-pe-pe...
-Permanent damage.
-You never shit right again.

DidierF FR

2015-04-09 17:12

Yes, a great noir in black and red.

But for the last (and intense) scene, I believe that Stephen Frears owes something to Jacques Feyder's Pension Mimosas.

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