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Pusti snovi; No Reason; Tatort - Im Fadenkreuz; Tatort - Spielverderber; Malenkoye odolzheniye; El robo del siglo; Tie guan yin yong po bao zha dang; Mit mir nicht, Madam!; Papas neue Freundin; Yu hai qing mo; Moi dorogiye; Tatort - Schöne Belinda; F.B.I. Girl; Tatort - ...es wird Trauer sein und Schmerz; Baaghi; (plus...)

Joyeuses Pâques, Film, 1984 IMDB

Images fournies par : sixcyl

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  • Happy Easter
  • Fröhliche Ostern (Germany)

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Red Grant US

2008-01-21 21:19


Are there any cahses, and which cars are in it?

carchasesfanatic ES

2008-01-21 21:28


I didnt ask because Sixcyl usually says what kind of action his movies has, obviously there some nice on in here.

antp BE

2008-01-21 22:49


wait few days for the info, let him time to upload all these background cars [:kiki]

sixcyl FR

2008-01-22 23:23


[Image: joyeusespaquesud7.6639.jpg]

Quite boring film...

No chase and crash cars, but the main character (JP Belmondo) is quite "hyperactive" , busy and always on hurry, driving very fast in the traffic with some consequences for the other cars .. (dangerous guy :D )

He is quite hyperactive with womens too ;)

some boats
[Image: bateauaimo7.5528.jpg] [Image: bateauaejk2.5859.jpg] [Image: bateauahwa9.5313.jpg] [Image: bateauajyl2.6830.jpg] [Image: bateaualvw8.680.jpg]

Aerospatiale Ecureuil
[Image: avionhelicoaatz9.4453.jpg] [Image: avionhelicoabwa4.7651.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2014-01-04 22:39:34 (antp)


2008-01-23 00:04


antp a écrit when the woman goes out of the bed after the "night", in a French movie she does not take the bed sheets with her :lol:

Yes :D sex and nudity can often be pretty chaste in Hollywood movies. I mean after a woman has gone to bed with a man, why would she care about keeping her breasts covered by a sheet when she sits up in bed? The thing is many American and British actresses consider onscreen nudity to be a bit demeaning, and some major actresses have no-nudity clauses in their contract.

ProwlerX US

2008-01-23 03:02


Red Grant a écrit Are there any cahses, and which cars are in it?

There were a couple crashes with the Citroen ambulance and some speeding with the Fiat. That's all there is I believe.

Red Grant US

2008-01-24 05:34


Wow, a movie called happy easter has all this stuff in it!

DynaMike NL

2008-01-24 10:40


Easter Bunnies :D


2008-01-24 11:47


I'd rather call it an Easter Egg ;)


2008-01-24 12:18


The Long Good Friday (one of my movies) is set at Easter, and that's hardly a "happy" film!

PMEntertainmentLives QC

2015-09-22 18:53


Citroën ambulance speeding; jumping over Citroën DSpécial. Renault 15, Ford Escort, etc. crashes.

Fiat Uno speeding, jumps and crash.

-- Last edit: 2016-08-30 02:45:59

antp BE

2017-12-09 20:37


I was surprised to see an unidentified red car on one of the French movie posters, not listed here... probably not used/seen on the movie at all. It seems that this car was also used on other posters, cf here below:

[Image: affiches.jpg]

First one is the French one I mentioned above.
I'm not sure what car it is, seems to be a mix of DeTomaso and Ferrari; but the middle one seem to use a Ferrari 308 or something like that.

-- Last edit: 2017-12-09 20:38:19

dsl SX

2017-12-09 20:58


First poster is a Lambo Urraco. 2nd and 3rd posters Ferrari 308 or maybe 328 (3rd poster particularly).

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