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Lightspeed, Téléfilm, 2006 IMDB

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antp BE

2009-02-02 23:53


Bad movie :/ Well, from its IMDB rating I could have guessed it (well, I liked "Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever" which has also a bad rating).
I think would not have watched it if it was not for IMCDb :D

For my curiosity, what is the silver hatchback in background on the left here?
[Image: u001618us8.7492.jpg]

CougarTim US

2009-02-03 00:27


For the hatchback, I'm going to guess 1988-1989 Mercury Tracer.

tonkatracker US

2009-02-03 02:50


Yeah I think it is probably a Mazda 323 (or the Mercury Tracer based on it)

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