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Speed Racer, Film, 2008 IMDB

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Gag Halfrunt UK

2008-09-19 20:49


Live action filming was done in Germany, which might help identify any real cars.

Neptune US

2008-09-20 03:37


A movie with Hot Wheels cars ... :D

Red Grant US

2008-09-20 04:20


its a shame they didnt make it more like the old cartoon show. Better then Hot Wheels like Neptune said...

typhlosion US

2010-05-31 22:05


i'm sorry but thats all i have to say about this movie! i haven't seen it but it looks horrible!

jacklb EN

2011-11-03 17:56


movie sponsored by rinspeed :lol:

Burn Rubber US

2015-10-28 22:31


If I remember there was an animated Speed Racer movie called The Next Generation or something similar. I remember a family member of mine's son watching it.

rtsbusman1997 US

2015-10-28 22:38


There was a movie and a tv series.

shlc647 US

2016-02-01 20:05


I am really shocked that the directors of The Matrix trilogy directed this. This makes Matrix Revolutions look like Citizen Kane in comparison. I even saw it in theaters when it came out almost 8 years ago, will never watch it again.

-- Last edit: 2016-02-01 20:05:44

train68 US

2018-06-26 16:32


At least the CGI is better than Foodfight.

bayusumardi ID

2018-06-26 16:36


Foodfight movie was an atrocity. The video game is better though, thanks to Atari quality control on their Arcade machines.

-- Last edit: 2018-06-26 16:36:21

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