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Time After Time, Film, 1979 IMDB

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  • C'était demain (France)

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antp BE

2007-11-19 00:50


The time machine:

[Image: 000645nz1.1640.jpg] [Image: 001527dr5.th.jpg] [Image: 002213uc9.9108.jpg]

My father suggested to list it as vehicle, as it has an engine and it moves... through time rather than through space :D

Car action: AMC Concord is chased by Honda Accord but it would probably rather be considered as simply "followed" than chased as this is done at a reasonable speed.

-- Last edit: 2007-11-21 14:40:06

carobserver MX

2007-11-19 02:21


beautiful young Mary Steenburguen :love: ( and still is beauty)

chicomarx BE

2010-09-05 03:44


Steenburgen. She pronounces it wrong herself... A film with potential but too much of the sappy love story.

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