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Fast Company, Kinofilm, 1979 IMDB

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  • 10.000 PS - Vollgasrausch im Grenzbereich (Germany)
  • Veloci di mestiere (Italy)

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stronghold EN

2006-06-04 09:40


[Image: fastco9pl.7608.jpg] [Image: fastco125dr.7993.jpg]
Lots of 'Funny cars' in this movie (+ many others.!) I'll put them here ..a little at a time.! (I don't know anything about these type of cars/drivers/races etc ... so we will need someone in the 'Know' to sort out the proper names for these vehicles)..from what i've been told ... virtually NONE of the original car ..the 'Funny car' is based on .. is used in it's actual construction.! ..so what names do we use.? (..also what catagory of vehicle.? Racecar.? custom.?)

-- Last edit: 2006-06-04 10:03:17

stronghold EN

2006-06-04 10:17


The stars ..'Big' Bill Smith, John Saxon & the lovely... Claudia Jennings (..sadly she died in a car crash ..not long after this movie ... only 30 yo.!)
[Image: fastco494ae.9484.jpg] [Image: fastco1139il.1702.jpg] [Image: fastco1580yr.6052.jpg]
all great stars ...I've been a fan of William Smith since my biker days in the 70's (I went to see a triple bill ..All nighter... of 'Hell's Angels' movies ...with him starring.!! ... tried to follow his career ever since) ..when i've got a chance to check that is.! ..Saxon is also an actor I like (Enter the dragon, The Glove ..+ all the Tv series appearances.!)

antp BE

2006-06-04 11:27


If they really cannot be identified I guess we can list them as "made fore movie". For the category, if they look like real race car we can list them as race cars I suppose...

Firebird86 US

2006-06-04 18:42


I can Identify them :D... this is what I do on weekends.

Alexander DE

2006-06-04 19:04


Firebird86 wrote I can Identify them :D... this is what I do on weekends.


trucker US

2006-06-10 02:37


If anyone needs a semi truck to be named, I'm the one for the job!

boogieman US

2015-03-04 01:52


Does anyone have any info on the black Van-type custom seen at the auto show in this movie? (At about 1:05:55). I'd like more info on it... but can't find any info online.

mike962 DE

2019-05-06 18:28


[Image: images2.75.jpg]

mike962 DE

2019-05-06 19:51


movie done !

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