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Blur: For Tomorrow, Vidéo-clip, 1993 IMDB

Images fournies par : Ddey65

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Ddey65 US

2009-07-17 18:22


Is it just me, or does this video look like it was made 30 years earlier(the VW Polo and MCW Metrobus not withstanding)?

-- Last edit: 2009-07-17 18:22:12

Gag Halfrunt UK

2009-07-17 19:43


I think they were going for a Beatles-ish sixties look. Look at the clothes and hair.

Ddey65 US

2009-08-19 16:31


I believe it, even with the contemporary Sony TV.
[Image: blurfortomorrow-1980s-1990ssonytv.jpg]
Hey, does this look like a Volvo or a Fiat to you?
[Image: BlurForTomorrow-VolvoorFiat.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2013-04-19 04:59:11

Mackster SE

2009-08-19 17:18


Volvo 960 ?

dsl SX

2012-03-14 23:40


I always liked this longer version http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s4CRE8_peVE .

Ddey65 US

2013-04-19 04:46


Mackster a écrit Volvo 960 ?

Maybe, but I decided to upload it.

Who dumped that and the Polo?

-- Last edit: 2013-04-19 13:07:17

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