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The Likely Lads, Kinofilm, 1976 IMDB

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Also known as:

  • Zwei nette Früchtchen (Germany)
  • Más que amigos (Spain)

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stronghold EN

2007-06-27 10:25


[Image: likelylads1tq4.8136.jpg] [Image: likelylads38io2.9067.jpg] [Image: likelylads87dh2.7513.jpg]

stronghold EN

2007-06-27 11:09


a very background volvo ;)
[Image: likelylads42ro9.179.jpg]

stronghold EN

2007-06-27 11:36


LH2 wrote stronghold I remember seeing this along time ago am i right that the boys drop the caravan of at the gas station
(Idont know the reason then the girls hitch hike a ride on the bedford truck then while on the road they see there caravan
parked at the gas station the guy in the truck braeks then I think they fly round and hit it (I think???)

The girls are sleeping in the caravan while the lads are in the car, the girls wake up and get out of the caravan (while the car is at traffic lights.!) leaving them stranded in the middle of the road (in a village, with lots of people outside a church).
The vicar waves down the Bedford TK driver to help the girls ..the rest you know.! ;)

carchasesfanatic ES

2007-06-27 13:09


Ok i have understood nothing :p , is there a crash or what :p ?

ianmax69 EN

2009-05-15 21:56


Theres a Vermillion Maxi outside when Bob pops in to see Thelma at the libary.. carryin the brick from just demolished"Fat Ox"pub..
Theres also a PTE Yellow Northern General Leyland National crossing Tyne Bridge when their off towning the caravan around Northumberland
(Just a background vehicle.. but rare to see a NBC bus in Yellow)Must say Terry's face is a picture when Bob U turns the Chevette on the A1!!!!!

DodgyChallenger EN

2010-06-25 20:59


When Thelma complains that the caravan site they find on their holiday is dull, and all she can see is other caravans, Terry says he can see the bumper of a black Ford Zephyr, but we don't see it on screen.

dsl SX

2013-01-27 00:22


Great theme tune - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JcJ4C0pTGDw .

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