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La piscine, Film, 1969 IMDB

Images fournies par : der.krusche, vilero, sixcyl

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Titres alternatifs :

  • A Piscina (Brazil)
  • Der Swimmingpool (Germany)
  • Vaarallinen loma (Finland)
  • I pisina (Greece)
  • La piscina (Italy)
  • Bassängen (Sweden)
  • Sen benimsin (Turkey)
  • The Sinners (United Kingdom)
  • The Swimming Pool (USA)

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bref FR

2009-01-12 12:32


many other car worth mentionning in this cult film

-Honda S800 cabriolet
-Opel Rekord Coupé [C]
-Peugeot 404 Grand Tourisme
-Triumph Herald Britt

vilero ES

2010-02-15 17:45


[Image: 221977-LaPiscine1.jpg] [Image: 221978-LaPiscine2.jpg] [Image: 221979-LaPiscine3.jpg]

Added the 404 and the Opel Rekord Coupe, both 2 [*][*], that were missed out; and changed main pics (most were zoomed) for the same ones in better picures. Sadly there wasn't the Lancia Aurelia Spider that had a blank on the page. Maybe was mistaken with some of these cars. The Mini too background and with no role at all

[Image: 221980-LaPiscine20.jpg] [Image: 221981-LaPiscine21.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2010-02-15 18:34:21

sixcyl FR

2010-02-15 19:33


I've just bought this DVD last saturday and watch at it yesterday...

sixcyl FR

2010-02-15 19:44


I've checked the captures I've had from the DVD, there are some interesting vehicles missing that I'll add soon, and even an extra vehicle only seen in the alternative ending of the film, made for spannish screens ;)

sixcyl FR

2010-02-22 00:44


Aircraft in this film at:

-- Last edit: 2014-01-06 15:27:32 (antp)

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