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Beregis avtomobilya, Film, 1966 IMDB

Images fournies par : no_car, Demiter, moskvichok, slon95

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  • Beware of the Car
  • Watch Out for the Automobile (USA)

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no_car EE

2008-01-11 21:34


[Image: bscap0404mp6.1825.jpg]

sixcyl FR

2008-01-11 22:31


Very interesting pics no_car :)

ProwlerX US

2008-01-12 03:33


Car chase: GAZ and Ural.

3loader RU

2010-10-31 16:08


ProwlerX a écrit Car chase: GAZ and Ural.

+ SVARZ and Volga

130rapid PL

2010-10-31 17:03


The movie has outstanding main, jazzy-gangster music theme. :D

Demiter RU

2012-10-22 16:30


Оn the left cargo trolley SVARZ TG

-- Last edit: 2012-10-22 16:39:43

Kloga UA

2014-01-14 01:36


130rapid a écrit The movie has outstanding main, jazzy-gangster music theme. :D

Movie was actually planned from the start to be something like a contemporary western from the star as director wrote in his autobiography, but he later changed genre to something like a Noir comedy which made movie a little bit unique for Soviet cinema...

moskvichok RU

2014-06-25 08:50


no_car a écrit [Image: bscap0404mp6.1825.jpg]

What is the name of two-сolor van which left of SVARZ?

-- Last edit: 2014-06-25 08:51:49

chris40 UK

2014-06-25 12:08


@moskvichok: Demiter correctly identified it above as SVARZ TG: Link to "files.rajmmodel.webnode.cz"

moskvichok RU

2014-06-26 09:38


chris40 a écrit @moskvichok: Demiter correctly identified it above as SVARZ TG: Link to "files.rajmmodel.webnode.cz"

I'm sorry, I didn't see :)

slon95 RU

2019-09-30 13:13


[Image: ba_title.jpg]

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