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The Earth Dies Screaming, Kinofilm, 1964 IMDB

Die Bilder wurden hinzugefügt durch: stronghold

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stronghold EN

2008-04-29 22:23


[Image: earthdiesscreaming11ig6.2407.jpg] [Image: earthdiesscreaming41lw7.th.jpg] [Image: earthdiesscreaming56qh3.8022.jpg] [Image: earthdiesscreamingextrabl7.1120.jpg] [Image: earthdiesscreamingextrabt2.th.jpg]
[Image: earthdiesscreaming26ik6.7048.jpg] [Image: earthdiesscreaming27tg8.th.jpg] [Image: earthdiesscreaming28zu3.645.jpg] [Image: earthdiesscreaming29zx2.1020.jpg] [Image: earthdiesscreaming55sy4.377.jpg]

stronghold EN

2008-04-29 22:27


[Image: earthdiesscreaming1rf6.6817.jpg] [Image: earthdiesscreaming2ty6.5417.jpg] [Image: earthdiesscreaming3pk3.2424.jpg] [Image: earthdiesscreaming5no3.4705.jpg] [Image: earthdiesscreaming70hf5.7126.jpg]

sps1955 EN

2012-11-06 21:33


Trains are not the main concern of this site, I realize, but the train crash scene shown above appears to re-use the crash scene from the 1928 silent, _The Wrecker_. A complete set of pre-grouping coaches as seen in the crash shots would have been hard (not to say, impossible) to find in 1965, but the train and its setting look very similar to _The Wrecker_: cf. http://thebioscope.net/2009/11/25/the-wrecker/ . The preceding shots of the train are obviously in a different location, with a similar, but (I think) slightly larger, engine. They are probably also re-used stock footage - the number on the loco buffer beam looks pre-nationalization and the loco itself isn't a type that survived until 1965, I suspect!

-- Last edit: 2012-11-06 23:43:34

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