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That Touch of Mink, Kinofilm, 1962 IMDB

Die Bilder wurden hinzugefügt durch: Wrenchhead

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  • Un soupçon de vison (France)
  • Il visone sulla pelle (Italy)

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wrenchhead US

2007-08-12 19:16


Movie was already listed with no pics. I added pics.

bluetwo US

2010-04-12 17:01


I lived on Bermuda from 1959 to 1962 and I never saw a Citroen DS. I think they are too big for the island's size restrictions on cars. Same goes for MG Magnettes. I know they had to take the side chrome strips off VW Karman Ghia sports models to meet the width rules.

techie68 CA

2014-03-25 16:57


@bluetwo, believe you are correct. Note the car seems to be driving on the "wrong" side - maybe they closed the road for filming these sequences, while American stunt doubles drove along. The white roofed houses in the distance are definitely Bermudian style, and this would be hard to set up without today's CGI technique. And, even today, do not think that casual visitors can rent ANY car (only motor scooters) unless they have some long term connection, e.g., former resident or work permit.

oddsox US

2015-12-13 22:28


Dozens of cars in traffic and background scenes.
Noted a '42(?) Lincoln Continental at 1:28:52 and '58 Edsel (Citation or Corsair) at 1:29:19
Link to "www.bing.com"

-- Last edit: 2015-12-13 23:14:41

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