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Ice-Cold in Alex, Film, 1958 IMDB

Images fournies par : Sunbar

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  • Ice Cold in Alex (United Kingdom)
  • Desert Attack (USA)

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2491tj EN

2008-11-27 17:53


in some scenes the Austin K2 ambulance is all original (a 4x2)..in other scenes the ambulance changes to a non original 4x4..this was a genuine Austin K2 body transplanted by the props dept on a Canadian Military Pattern 4x4 chassis in order to cope with some scenes where the original 4x2 couldnt go....several vehicles played the part of the "star" ambulance.

Sunbar UK

2008-11-27 18:24


Strange that this movie has not already been added to IMCDb.

A good movie and one to watch out for in the future.

Gag Halfrunt UK

2008-12-19 18:56


Filmed in Libya and at Elstree studios.

Sunbar UK

2008-12-20 16:49


[Image: cap017lf4.2128.jpg] [Image: cap037zk6.7283.jpg]

Background images, including a 1950s Morris Minor (thumbnail 1 on the right)...

[Image: cap033wd0.1342.jpg] [Image: cap034ov4.4878.jpg]

More Tanks...

[Image: 22aae1.5509.jpg] [Image: 20atu3.2136.jpg] [Image: cap032aso6.544.jpg]

Pibwl PL

2009-04-05 01:25


The first tank is probably a Valentine, the second is Churchill, last ones are probably post-war Centurions.

chicomarx BE

2015-12-27 03:05


@antarmike too poorly visible in my opinion. I'll post them here:
[Image: i873384.jpg] [Image: i873385.jpg]
Morris Minor + Piaggio Vespa.

Sunbar UK

2016-11-14 12:34


Another briefly seen [*] background car, transferred to comments as it cannot be reliably identified.

[Image: hudsonperhaps.jpg]

Sunbar a écrit On the left, seen in Alexandria at the end of the movie, what looks like a 1950s American car.

nzcarnerd a écrit It is a step-down Hudson from about 1950. Could be a Commodore Club Coupe.

Commander 57 a écrit Quality seems way too poor to me to conclude it is a Hudson at all, let alone a 1950.

Pierre a écrit Perhaps a little grainy. Clearly a 2-door, if it is a Commodore Club coupe.

Commander 57 a écrit Frankly, I'm of the opinion that this one should be deleted. I really can't tell what it is.
Suggestive of a Hudson but we need more than that.

snowy EN

2018-03-07 02:12


The scooter seen in the ending is not a Piaggio Vespa as stated by chicomarx it is a Lambretta model D

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