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Costa Azzurra, Film, 1959 IMDB

Images fournies par : AleX_DJ, no-a

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Titres alternatifs :

  • Wild Cats on the Beach
  • Zweimal Riviera und zurück (Germany)
  • Côte d'Azur (France)
  • Le miroir aux alouettes (France)

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2014-04-06 17:23


[Image: costaazzurraasor_000014.jpg]

Movie origin: [Image: IT.png] [Image: FR.png]
Filmed in: [Image: FR.png]

Various adventures of some characters on holiday on the French Riviera.

-- Last edit: 2018-12-02 17:07:45

sixcyl FR

2014-04-07 08:28


Nice AleX DJ :)
But why so small pictures :/


2014-04-08 11:17


Thanks! :) Unfortunately it has got a very poor resolution, I had to keep the pictures at a small size or it would have been very difficult to recognize the cars.
Hope to find an HD version of this movie, there are a lot of very interesting old French cars, which I particularly appreciate!

no-a RU

2017-07-28 03:20


Updated with bigger pictures and complete
[Image: costaazzurraavi_snapshot_000005_20170728_010345.jpg] [Image: costaazzurraavi_snapshot_000018_20170728_010431.jpg] [Image: costaazzurraavi_snapshot_000141_20170728_010507.jpg] [Image: costaazzurraavi_snapshot_001325_20170728_011432.jpg]

no-a RU

2017-07-28 03:24


Other background vehicles
[Image: costaazzurraavi_snapshot_002247_20170728_011816.jpg] [Image: costaazzurraavi_snapshot_002248_20170728_011838.jpg] [Image: costaazzurraavi_snapshot_002301_20170728_012011.jpg] [Image: costaazzurraavi_snapshot_002309_20170728_012048.jpg] [Image: costaazzurraavi_snapshot_002314_20170728_012144.jpg] [Image: costaazzurraavi_snapshot_002330_20170728_012235.jpg] [Image: costaazzurraavi_snapshot_002334_20170728_012300.jpg] [Image: costaazzurraavi_snapshot_002408_20170728_012323.jpg] [Image: costaazzurraavi_snapshot_002833_20170728_012526.jpg] [Image: costaazzurraavi_snapshot_002833_20170728_012538.jpg] [Image: costaazzurraavi_snapshot_002837_20170728_012558.jpg] [Image: costaazzurraavi_snapshot_002849_20170728_012635.jpg] [Image: costaazzurraavi_snapshot_002902_20170728_012725.jpg] [Image: costaazzurraavi_snapshot_002908_20170728_012800.jpg] [Image: costaazzurraavi_snapshot_002952_20170728_013106.jpg] [Image: costaazzurraavi_snapshot_003338_20170728_013419.jpg] [Image: costaazzurraavi_snapshot_005229_20170728_015302.jpg] [Image: costaazzurraavi_snapshot_011953_20170728_020143.jpg] [Image: costaazzurraavi_snapshot_012833_20170728_020604.jpg] [Image: costaazzurraavi_snapshot_012843_20170728_020707.jpg]

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