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The Lineup, Film, 1958 IMDB

Images fournies par : vilero

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Titres alternatifs :

  • Contrabando (Argentina)
  • Der Henker ist unterwegs (Germany)
  • Rikosten satama (Finland)
  • Syndikato dolofonon (Greece)
  • Crimine silenzioso (Italy)
  • O Homem do Revólver Silencioso (Portugal)
  • Narkotikasmuggling (Sweden)

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antp BE

2010-04-02 23:31


Two pics from Link to "jalopnik.com"
(url sent by Stéphane D.)

vilero ES

2010-05-11 14:10


[Image: 241351-TheLineup1bis1.jpg] [Image: 241352-TheLineup1bis2.jpg] [Image: 241353-TheLineup1bis3.jpg]

[Image: 241354-TheLineup80.jpg] [Image: 241355-TheLineup81.jpg]

Goof: Continuity
Detectives use the Coronet and the Custom Royal in same scene. They drive the Coronet
[Image: 241364-TheLineup61Continuity.jpg]
and they arrive with the Custom Royal where Eli Wallach is
[Image: 241365-TheLineup62Continuity.jpg]
Eli Wallach escapes and the Royal Custom is there
[Image: 241367-TheLineup66bis1.jpg]
but is the Coronet what they use in the final chase.
[Image: 241366-TheLineup62Continuitybis1.jpg]

Also in the exact same place where (i.e.) is /vehicle_301168-Ford-Crestline-Victoria-60B-1954.html in the last chase 1st. goes the '57 Belvedere (see the black Dodge Coronet parked), only 3 seconds later goes the Coronet but now what is there is a Buick (not submited. Too blurry) and a few seconds later goes the Ford Custom /vehicle_301178-Chevrolet-Two-Ten-Townsman-2109-1956.html but now what we see is the Chevy Wagon.

-- Last edit: 2010-05-11 20:24:58

jettalover US

2010-05-14 05:57


Good car chase in this film, that may have inspired the Bullitt chase.

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