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Wild Hogs, Film, 2007 IMDB

Images fournies par : antp, francisharley

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Titres alternatifs :

  • Cerdos Salvajes (Spain)
  • Bande de sauvages (France)
  • Svalvolati on the road (Italy)

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antp BE

2007-07-29 00:13


Really good movie, quite funny.

Neptune US

2007-07-29 00:41


I liked it as well, I really want a Harley... :/

dwayne US

2007-07-29 00:45


Pretty surprised there wasn't more trucks in a movie about a road trip..

wickey SK

2007-07-29 00:54


Marco.. Marco.. POLO! :lol:
Priceless :)


2007-07-29 19:25


I saw this on a plane recently, it was alright, I thought it had some funny things to say about middle-aged suburban bikers, my dad definetely falls into that category, he owns a Harley Sportster that he only bought a year ago, his first bike in many years, which led to a lot of mid-life crisis jokes!

wrenchhead US

2007-08-01 19:21


I would guess that all the bikes are harleys. "Hog" is a nickname for harley davidson and I doubt that we sould see a honda in a movie called wild hogs that featured motorcycles.

francisharley FR

2008-01-27 09:06


[Image: cap232kv3.th.jpg] [Image: cap233la5.th.jpg] [Image: cap234cs4.8.jpg] [Image: cap235ck9.2553.jpg]

francisharley FR

2008-01-27 09:08


[Image: cap237ex1.th.jpg] [Image: cap239wi0.th.jpg] [Image: cap240ag5.758.jpg]

francisharley FR

2008-01-27 09:11


Pour les amateurs du site IGCD

[Image: cap248cb4.6164.jpg] [Image: cap245qy7.6577.jpg] [Image: cap246oo5.5435.jpg]

francisharley FR

2008-01-27 09:24


Un petit jeu pour ceux qui s'ennuient le dimanche: Retrouvez le pays d'origine de chaque affiche :D

[Image: wildhogsalliv0.9075.jpg] [Image: wildhogschinepf1.123.jpg] [Image: wildhogsfrrz6.7609.jpg] [Image: wildhogsindein1.4834.jpg] [Image: wildhogsitpe8.2219.jpg] [Image: wildhogsmexce4.923.jpg] [Image: wildhogsmotoronha6.4946.jpg] [Image: wildhogspolco5.3649.jpg]

AMC man

2011-09-13 22:39


Hog could be a nickname for Honda too they both start with h.

tonkatracker US

2011-09-13 23:08


AMC man a écrit Hog could be a nickname for Honda too they both start with h.

But Hog is not a nickname for Honda :no:

AMC man

2011-09-18 04:15


Good movie.

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