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Night at the Museum, Film, 2006 IMDB

Images fournies par : antp, Terra

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Titres alternatifs :

  • Nachts im Museum (Germany)
  • Noche en el museo (Spain)
  • La nuit au musée (France)

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wickey SK

2007-02-28 22:10


and models Hummer H2 and Ford GT40 - *** and **

antp BE

2007-04-12 23:41


I added these two model cars, as they are actually "used" by characters...

The movie is nice, so is Carla Gugino :miam: (who was also the main actress in Threshold, unfortunately canceled)

mister car from 971

2009-12-16 08:13


Au Québec, le film a à peu près le même titre qu'en France, sauf que c'est "Une Nuit au Musée"

Terra US

2019-09-06 01:35


[Image: amazoncom_watchnightatthemuseum_primevideo-googlechrome9_5_20195_40_22pm.jpg]

[Image: amazoncom_watchnightatthemuseum_primevideo-googlechrome9_5_20195_41_50pm.jpg] [Image: amazoncom_watchnightatthemuseum_primevideo-googlechrome9_5_20195_41_27pm.jpg]

Terra US

2019-09-06 01:35


HD Upgrade of Film Complete

holden nut AU

2019-12-18 06:55


Easter Island Head: "Did Dumb-Dumb bring me any Gum-Gum"?

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