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Hoodwinked!, Film d'animation, 2005 IMDB

Images fournies par : Ddey65

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Titres alternatifs :

  • La véritable histoire du petit chaperon rouge (France)

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antp BE

2008-03-06 17:48


Some others that are not close enough to real ones to be listed I think:

Ddey65 a écrit The Woodsman's Schnitzel Truck looks like an early-1960's GMC Value Van or Chevrolet StepVan.

[Image: hoodwinkedschnitzeltrucwy4.4229.jpg]

What the schnitzel?!
[Image: hoodwinkedscnitzeltruckaf3.6673.jpg]

Ths squirrel's Japanese sports car? Well, I thought it was a Subaru WRX at first. Now I have no idea what it is.

[Image: hoodwinkedsmashedsportsrq3.7515.jpg]

This is the second time it got squashed by a tree.

There's also Red on her bicycle, the back of a police truck, and a cable car, but I don't think they count here.

JB a écrit
[Image: i591118.jpg] [Image: i591119.jpg] [Image: i591120.jpg] [Image: i591124.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2013-04-27 18:16:15 (walter)


2010-12-30 05:09


The woodsman's truck IS a GMC Value Van not a Chevrolet Step Van.They never made them in the 60s. Squirrel's car is a Subaru WRX.

antp BE

2010-12-30 12:21


Ddey65 a écrit
[Image: hoodwinkedpolicecar1ig6.4376.jpg] [Image: hoodwinkedpolicecar2jn7.9662.jpg]

Chief Grizzly uses them to try to arrest the wolf at Granny's house, and later pursue the bad guys, although not in a chase. No crashes unless you count Twitchy slamming into the windshield and surviving. I'd say it ranks at least two stars or maybe three.

Would anyone else agree that an ordinary Police Car would be a Mainliner?

Ddey65 a écrit Here's one with a shot of the taillight/tailfin... and the theme logo.
[Image: hoodwinked1954fordcusto.5325.jpg]
This one is one star, but the main pic, and the second thumbnail are two or three, because Chief Grizzly rides in the passenger seat of them.

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