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Gargoyle, Film, 2004 IMDB

Images fournies par : stronghold

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Titres alternatifs :

  • Gargoyle's Revenge
  • Gargoyles - Flügel des Grauens (Germany)
  • Gárgolas (Spain)
  • Gargoyle - kammottava kostaja (Finland)
  • Aimovora plasmata (Greece)
  • Gargoyles (Italy)
  • Gargoyle: Wings of Darkness (USA)

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stronghold EN

2009-05-25 15:08


[Image: gargoyle2.2829.jpg] [Image: gargoyle4.3968.jpg] [Image: gargoyle5.1781.jpg] [Image: gargoyle149.3681.jpg] [Image: gargoyle202.1757.jpg]

part seen/far background vehicles:-
[Image: gargoyle55.4218.jpg] [Image: gargoyle63.5089.jpg] [Image: gargoyle134.8219.jpg] [Image: gargoyle135.9871.jpg] [Image: gargoyle148.8259.jpg]
1/ renault (right), 2/ citroen bx, 3 & 4/ ford transit + renault espace?, 5/ opel kadett,
[Image: gargoyle141.403.jpg] [Image: gargoyle151.4269.jpg] [Image: gargoyle201.412.jpg]
6 & 7/ very far background.!, 8/ unknown ambulance.

partially seen train:-
[Image: gargoyle21.196.jpg] [Image: gargoyle19.9498.jpg] [Image: gargoyle13.4646.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2009-05-26 00:31:36

Neptune US

2009-05-25 15:44


Those Gargoyles are actually nicely done, considering the film's low budget.

stronghold EN

2009-05-25 15:54


Yes, the whole movie was pretty old school 80's style to me, (my era) monsters, car chases, reasonably talented actors, so overall good fun! ;)

Gag Halfrunt UK

2009-05-25 18:27


Filmed (and set) in Romania...

...but uses stock footage of a car chase from Maximum Risk (1996), filmed in France.

Our entry for Maximum Risk: /movie.php?id=117011

-- Last edit: 2009-05-25 18:33:31

ratonbox RO

2009-06-11 19:50


in pic 6, the 4x4 is an Aro, and in pic 7, you have a Dacia 1310 Break, Ford Focus, Dacia 1310(in the far back, the one on the right).

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