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Brokeback Mountain, Film, 2005 IMDB

Images fournies par : wickey, der.krusche, ahight

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Titres alternatifs :

  • Brokeback Mountain - En terreno vedado (Spain)
  • Le secret de Brokeback Mountain (France)
  • I segreti di Brokeback Mountain (Italy)

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der.krusche AT

2006-05-14 23:14

a nice little detail:

[Image: treck13gc.jpg] [Image: treck23eu.6369.jpg]


-- Last edit: 2006-05-14 23:14:57

ThatLeBaronGuy US

2008-01-05 00:34

Have to disagree on the 1973 Chevy truck. That scene was suposed to be set in 1983. That is more likely a 1982ish Chevy Silverado Crew cab dully. The character always had a new truck.

ford_guy US

2008-01-05 00:41

Do you have any absolute proof?

ifhp US

2008-11-29 09:04

Based on the trim, it is pre-1980.

ahight US

2014-06-12 20:59

Updated the photos so they were all consistent sizes and larger.

walter IT

2014-06-12 21:05

@ ahight > remember that maximum width for non-HD pictures is 720: these ones are from a standard DVD to me.

ahight US

2014-06-12 21:12

These aren't from a DVD. Watched it online where the resolution was 940px. I actually reduced them down.

antp BE

2014-06-12 21:15

As they seem a little above DVD quality, I guess that this size is still acceptable

-- Last edit: 2014-06-12 21:17:01

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