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Peep Show, Série télé, 2003-2015 IMDB

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2009-05-11 00:32


[Image: peepshow1.jpg]

Episode Guide (only contains the episodes with vehicles listed on this page):

Spoiler - cliquez ici pour le voir
Series 1 (2003)
1.01 - Warring Factions
1.04 - Mark Makes a Friend

Series 2 (2004)
2.01 - Dance Class
2.02 - Jeremy Makes It/The Commission
2.03 - Local Zero
2.04 - University Challenge

Series 3 (2005)
3.01 - Mugging
3.02 - Sectioning
3.04 - Sistering
3.05 - Jurying
3.06 - Quantocking

Series 4 (2007)
4.01 - Sophie's Parents
4.02 - Conference
4.04 - Handyman
4.05 - Holiday
4.06 - Wedding

Series 5 (2008)
5.02 - Spin War
5.04 - Jeremy's Mummy
5.05 - Jeremy's Manager

Series 6 (2009)
6.01 - Jeremy at JLB
6.03 - Jeremy in Love
6.04 - The Affair
6.06 - Das Boot

Series 7 (2010)
7.01 - St. Hospitals
7.03 - A Beautiful Mind
7.04 - Nether Zone
7.06 - New Year's Eve

Series 8 (2012)
8.01 - Jeremy Therapised
8.02 - Business Secrets of the Pharaohs
8.04 - Big Mad Andy
8.05 - Chairman Mark
8.06 - Quantocking II

Series 9 (2015)
9.01 - The William Morris Years
9.02 - Gregory's Beard
9.04 - Mole-Mapping
9.05 - Kid Farm
9.06 - Are We Going to Be Alright?

Vehicles where only the interior is seen (so very difficult to identify):

Ambulance in episode 1.6:

[Image: peepshowfuneralambulanc.7876.jpg]

Coach in episode 2.4:

[Image: peepshowuniversitychall.5282.jpg] [Image: peepshowuniversitychall.5282.jpg]

Double decker bus that Mark rides on (with a satnav) in episode 8.5:

[Image: peepshowbus851.jpg] [Image: peepshowbus852.jpg]

Coach that Jeremy rides on in episode 9.2:

[Image: peepshowcoach1.jpg] [Image: peepshowcoach2.jpg]

In episode 2.3, Mark, Jeremy and Nancy are watching a story about a bus accident on the news (not sure which real life incident it is)

[Image: peepshowjeremymakesitne.3120.jpg]

Nancy: Bad news, bad news, bad news. Jesus, Jeremy, one bus crash. What about all the buses that made it safely to their destinations, huh?
Jeremy: Yeah! Yeah, this is such bullshit.
Mark: Yes, I suppose the news should just be a dispassionate list of all the events that occurred the world over during the day. That would be good. Except of course, it would take forever!

In episode 2.5 Mark tries to get ideas for "Man Chat Topics" by looking through motoring and mens magazines:

[Image: peepshowmanshowmagazine.3272.jpg] [Image: peepshowmanshowmagazine.3272.jpg] [Image: peepshowmanshowmagazine.3272.jpg]

"Ferrari Testarossa, fast car. Obviously no need to note that. Shit, I'm making too many notes! Just imbibe the culture. (He sighs as he looks at the covers of Bizarre, FHM and Zoo) Yes, civilisation is definetely doomed."

Picture on Mark's bedroom wall (Bentley?) that can be seen in various episodes:

[Image: peepshowbentley1.jpg] [Image: peepshowbentley2.jpg]

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2015-12-17 01:48


Series completed. Final episode featured Super Hans' Mk2 Transit Luton van again (I've changed its main image) but nothing else worth adding (just cars parked in the street either mostly blocked out or only with a little bit visible)

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