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Ae Fond Kiss, Film, 2004 IMDB

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Titres alternatifs :

  • Just a Kiss
  • Sólo un beso (Spain)
  • Un bacio appassionato (Italy)

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dsl SX

2014-06-07 22:28


[Image: title.46.jpg]
Excellent Ken Loach film made in Glasgow - mostly West End, but some South Side and City Centre filming - the city centre location is a flat overlooking Glasgow Green. Plus a brief interlude in Spain which was almost entirely clear of visible vehicles apart from this blurred orange bike at 34-33
[Image: spanishbike34-33.jpg]
Well worth watching - it's a love story but has a lot of perceptive social and cultural points to make, which Loach does in his usual style, but subtly, and excellent acting with very well written characters. Not at all soppy and several million miles away from being a soap opera.

Background 1* Passat in opening credits 01-11:
[Image: 01-11passat.jpg]

Builders pick-up at 07-20
[Image: 07-20pickup.jpg]

One for imPianodb, 3*
[Image: piano.jpg] [Image: pianokirkwood.jpg]
Kirkwood Unknown??

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