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Garden State, Film, 2004 IMDB

Images fournies par : G-MANN, shlc647

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  • La mia vita a Garden State (Italy)

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2009-08-08 21:35


[Image: gardenstate2.jpg]

shlc647 US

2019-02-20 00:37


[Image: screenshot87.1.jpg]

Done with captures from Blu Ray copy and added 19 missing vehicles. Though, I will say the picture quality to me looked like they just put a Blu Ray symbol on a DVD, it's not the greatest of quality.

This is a great movie, great acting. Very funny, too.

Also, great music.


As was said in the dialogue, this song will change your life.

-- Last edit: 2019-02-20 06:27:39

karoomay SY

2019-02-20 23:57


Never really have been a fan of this type of music.

shlc647 US

2019-02-21 04:15


I listen to all types of music, just so long as it's good enough. For me, I can barely stand any of the music that comes out nowadays, it's all overly produced and every song sounds the same.

karoomay SY

2019-02-21 17:31


If you're talking about mainstream pop music, then yeah I agree.

shlc647 US

2019-02-25 06:30


Background vehicles:

[Image: screenshot86.1.jpg] [Image: screenshot92.jpg] [Image: screenshot98.jpg] [Image: screenshot100.2.jpg] [Image: screenshot118.1.jpg] [Image: screenshot119.1.jpg] [Image: screenshot121.1.jpg] [Image: screenshot122.jpg] [Image: screenshot123.jpg] [Image: screenshot124.jpg] [Image: screenshot125.1.jpg]

1. Too many to identify
2. 1997-2002 Ford Expedition, 2002-2003 Acura 3.2 TL, 1998-2003 Chevy Blazer S10, 1998-2002 Lincoln Town Car
3. 1998+ Dodge Ram
4. Cadillac Sedan DeVille from late 1980s or early 1990s
5. 1996 Mercury Sable GS (NJ plate JPY11G)
6. 1997+ Chevy Corvette
7. 1973-78 GM C-Series
8. 2001-2003 Ford Crown Victoria P71 (Honeycomb grille started in 2001, movie was filmed in 2003)
9. 1998-2003 Dodge Intrepid (in the blur)
10. 1992-94 Toyota Camry (in the blur)
11. 2000-2003 Chevy Suburban (in the blur)

Forgot to upload these to the comments last week.

Baube QC

2019-02-25 06:52


1: what about the old pick-up in foreground..

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