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Face of Terror, Fernsehfilm, 2003 IMDB

Die Bilder wurden hinzugefügt durch: CarChasesFanatic, antp

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  • Terror Global (Spain)

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carchasesfanatic ES

2008-02-26 22:10


Filmed in Barcelona this is one of these Bryan Goeres movies filmed in Barcelona and produced by Drimtim Entertainment
These are the other ones


And now some beautiful views of Barcelona :)

[Image: vlcsnap106454sy9.461.jpg][Image: vlcsnap106495jg9.5742.jpg][Image: vlcsnap106780fr7.th.jpg][Image: vlcsnap106833ib6.9303.jpg]

[Image: vlcsnap107178bk2.2306.jpg][Image: vlcsnap107284lc4.4909.jpg][Image: vlcsnap107629qb2.6476.jpg][Image: vlcsnap118825hj2.1529.jpg]

[Image: vlcsnap119757is2.7666.jpg][Image: vlcsnap124431dj0.2365.jpg][Image: vlcsnap133917ya8.th.jpg][Image: vlcsnap161757nj0.2429.jpg]

[Image: vlcsnap162747fr3.8335.jpg][Image: vlcsnap203600zs8.9923.jpg][Image: vlcsnap207593zb8.3314.jpg][Image: vlcsnap214588vu0.2162.jpg]

DynaMike NL

2008-02-26 22:32


Nice touristic pics, Adrián :)

1,2 Port Olympic
3,16 Tibidabo
4 Plaça de les Glories Catalanes
5 Sagrada Familia by Gaudí
6 las Ramblas
7 Carrer del Bisbe
8 Estació Maritima
9 la Pedrera (= Casa Milà) by Gaudí
10 ?
11 Plaça Espanya
12,13 Plaça Sant Felip Neri
14,15 ?

carchasesfanatic ES

2008-02-26 22:45


Thanks i knew you were going to pop up ;)

The tenth is what you see from the Castle (it was a castle right?) you reach if you take the "teleférico" (cable railway in english?), oh the eleventh what a nice fountain, you might already know it i assume as i know youve mentioned several times you have come to Barcelona but its very nice the lights and the fountain that begings at certain hour in the evening if im right, no Mike?
Twelveth and thirteenth is where Franco used to execute his enemies as explained in the movie, hence the bullet holes on the wall.
Fourteenth is the "teleférico" (cable railway?) that transports you to that Castle or whatever it was, it is seen in the Jensen Interceptor page [Vehicle Image 8578].
Fifteenth is just a neighbourhood with mansions.
And sisxteenth is the Cathedral.

DynaMike NL

2008-02-26 22:52


Back in 2001 a stayed in a house in Carrer dels Escudellers in the Barrí Gotic. Plaça Sant Felip Neri was my favourite place to go, such a quiet and dreamy place in the middle of all touristic stampede. It was only after a week that I suddenly noticed the bullet wholes: I was shocked when I read the dark history...

-- Last edit: 2008-02-26 23:32:59

carchasesfanatic ES

2008-02-26 23:00



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