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Railways Conserve the Environment, Kurzfilm, 1970 IMDB

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  • Rail Report: Rails Conserve the Environment

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dsl SX

2017-07-17 00:54


[Image: title.388.jpg] [Image: titleb.25.jpg]

British Rail tries to get to grips with this new-fangled concept of conservation, but doesn't really understand what it's all about. Starts off OK with stuff about plants and things in disused railways, but loses the plot fairly quickly as it becomes a tour of ugly 1970s concrete railway architecture. 17 minute film taken from
[Image: dvdcovercompressedx3.jpg]
BFi/British Transport Films Volume 7: The Age of the Train 2-DVD set. Can be seen here.

- various bits around St Pancras
[Image: r05-51stpan.jpg] [Image: r05-51stpana.jpg]

[Image: r05-51stpanb.jpg] [Image: r05-51stpanc.jpg]

- the Roundhouse in London, formerly an engine works, became music/arts venue (2 segments in film)
[Image: r03-14rdhse.jpg] [Image: r03-14rdhseb15-13.jpg]

[Image: r03-14rdhsec.jpg]

- Cortina Mk2 estate and MGB; Cortina Mk1
[Image: 05-37ccortestmgb.jpg] [Image: r09-05cortina.jpg]

- car park with Porsche 911 nose
[Image: r06-51911.jpg] [Image: r06-51911a.jpg]

- British Rail Bedford HA (so a second source for sold-off knackered yellow HAs alongside PO Telephones); Humber estate
[Image: 06-20brha.jpg] [Image: r08-28humbest.jpg]

the sad biker UK

2017-07-17 01:32


AH, Bedford HA's, been upside down in one of those, the fuel tank was a Castrol GTX can on the passengers lap so crawling out of the window with wet jeans was a bit anxious, I think we paid £15 for it and the scrapper bought it for a tenner :)

electra225 IT

2017-07-17 10:10


Fiat 124 Estate in the Porsche thumb.

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