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The Big Freeze of 1963 Remembered, Dokumentarfilm, 1963 IMDB

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  • Tonight: The Big Freeze

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johnfromstaffs EN

2018-01-12 00:51


I remember this well. A group from my school, including me, went to Davos, staying in the “ touristenlager” of the Hotel Schatzalp. Quite a catalogue of firsts for a Fourteen year old kid at the time. We went by train across France through Metz, and along the ultra engineered “Rhaëtianbahn”, and were supposed to fly back to London on a Douglas Dakota, but due to the snow, flew back by Bristol Britannia to Manchester. My first experience of flying and also of being away from home.

That winter we were able to cut about a mile off the school’s short cross country route by running across the frozen Trent and Mersey Canal just before the aqueduct over the River Trent. Nobody drowned but many were perished.

dsl SX

2018-01-12 00:54


I had mumps, so had to stay in bed for 2 months and missed all the fun.

the sad biker UK

2018-01-12 01:29


I was "work in progress" at this time so my only real experience of a harsh winter was 67-68, we had the only car on the street that would start in the mornings (an oval window Beetle), Mam used to wrap the engine with a blanket every night (it worked), the street echoed to Cortina/Hunter/Anglia/1100 starter motors getting slower and slower and.........

The best place in the world on a frosty morning, climbing over the back seats onto the engine cover, almost instant heat, VW heat exchangers? an oxymoron, what heat?

dsl SX

2018-01-12 01:51


[Image: title.451.jpg] [Image: titled.3.jpg]

Report on the winter of 1962-63, broadcast on 14 Feb 1963 in the BBC's Tonight series (although the freeze ran on for a few weeks afterwards). Has several of the BBC's big hitters doing the presenting
[Image: titleb.68.jpg]

... and a tar of the future in the production team
[Image: titlec.21.jpg]

Found it by accident on youtube, or it can be seen and downloaded from BBC Archive site. Lots of fascinating stuff,

[Image: snow.jpg] [Image: snowa.jpg]

[Image: snowb.jpg]
despite variable footage quality (good old 405 lines!).

Entries for the imcdb Xmas quiz:

- CA van???
[Image: r05-13ca.jpg]

- Herald??
[Image: r05-16herald.jpg]

- smells Austin, maybe A40 Farina Mk2???
[Image: r05-20a40b.jpg] [Image: r05-20a40.jpg]

- whatever
[Image: r36-36queue.jpg]

- unknown van
[Image: r36-39van.jpg]

Planes for impdb
[Image: plane.64.jpg] [Image: planea.18.jpg]

[Image: planeb.25.jpg] [Image: planec.26.jpg]

[Image: planed.19.jpg] [Image: planee.21.jpg]

[Image: planef.20.jpg] [Image: planeg.14.jpg]

Baube QC

2018-01-12 02:01


dsl wrote - smells Austin, maybe A40 Farina Mk2???
[Image: r05-20a40b.jpg] [Image: r05-20a40.jpg]

smells mostly frozen.. :D

-- Last edit: 2018-01-12 02:02:57

electra225 IT

2018-01-12 07:29


dsl, what you mentioned as probably a Herald, could rather be for me a 105E Anglia.

dsl SX

2018-01-12 13:44


^ Good alternative. I can't decide between them now you've suggested it.

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