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Emil and the Detectives, Film, 1935 IMDB

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  • Emil
  • Emil und die Detektive (Germany)

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dsl SX

2014-09-23 23:28


[Image: title.99.jpg]
1935 UK remake of 1931 German original Emil und die Detektive - note that German title looks singular to perhaps explain why UK title card is not plural. Good fun today although early dream sequence is surprisingly scary for its intended audience of the time and the footage of Emil flying round iconic London locations

[Image: picture2.6.jpg] [Image: picture3.5.jpg]

was an obvious inspiration for some Mary Poppins sequences.

Also very interesting to watch it back-to-back with the 1931 original (as packaged together on the 2013 BFI DVD release). The UK version attempts to be a near exact replica of so many elements. The music is reused, the dialogue is exactly the same underneath the translation, all the studio sets are designed to look identical and are filmed from the same positions, the characters all perform the same actions in the same sequence and wear almost identical clothes. The relocation to London for the main story clearly prevents much scenic replication (although street furniture such as news-stand, outdoor cafe etc are used in identical fashion), and the early sequences in Emil's village contain the same motifs (eg windmill, formal garden round statue in park) to reinforce the replication. But if you watch the UK version in its own right, none of this recreation looks forced or artificial - which is probably a tribute to how well the German original was produced.

Rejected truck at 19-07
[Image: truck19-07.jpg]

Other pictures - windmill, phonebox, train from Kent to Charing Cross
[Image: picture1.3.jpg] [Image: phonebox.jpg]

[Image: trainfromkent.jpg]

Traffic light for rjluna

[Image: tlighta.jpg] [Image: tlightb.jpg]

rjluna2 US

2014-09-24 01:56


dsl a écrit Traffic light for rjluna

Wow! :king:

My comments at Traffic Lights in Internet Movie Car Database.

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