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Doctor Who: Dimensions in Time, Court métrage, 1993 IMDB

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stronghold EN

2008-04-15 09:34


[Image: drwhodimensionsintime4ri5.6585.jpg] [Image: drwhodimensionsintime3pq7.6410.jpg] [Image: drwhodimensionsintime6gs4.7719.jpg] [Image: drwhodimensionsintime7im0.5237.jpg] [Image: drwhodimensionsintime8mu3.2816.jpg] [Image: drwhodimensionsintime9uv5.7330.jpg] [Image: drwhodimensionsintime10qz5.th.jpg] [Image: drwhodimensionsintime11qa9.1332.jpg] [Image: drwhodimensionsintime12ga4.th.jpg] [Image: drwhodimensionsintime13mg6.235.jpg] [Image: drwhodimensionsintime18fk9.6669.jpg] [Image: drwhodimensionsintime23jf0.5305.jpg] [Image: drwhodimensionsintime25pg3.th.jpg] [Image: drwhodimensionsintime26sy2.7781.jpg] [Image: drwhodimensionsintime27st5.4126.jpg] [Image: drwhodimensionsintime28mz5.th.jpg] [Image: drwhodimensionsintime29iv7.6755.jpg] [Image: drwhodimensionsintime48mp8.6020.jpg] [Image: drwhodimensionsintime49wh7.1329.jpg] [Image: drwhodimensionsintime50ga5.th.jpg] [Image: drwhodimensionsintime51ep1.8809.jpg] [Image: drwhodimensionsintime52qi4.5886.jpg] [Image: drwhodimensionsintime53sy3.5558.jpg]
(below) My favourite pairing, The Doctor with Sarah Jane (jon pertwee & elizabeth sladen)
[Image: drwhodimensionsintime22mh8.9625.jpg] [Image: drwhodimensionsintime1zk4.2753.jpg] [Image: drwhodimensionsintime2mt5.6777.jpg]
Jon Pertwee introduced this two-part special on Noel's House Party
[Image: drwhodimensionsintime41rf3.1200.jpg] [Image: drwhodimensionsintime42bk2.1947.jpg] [Image: drwhodimensionsintime43rq2.4762.jpg]
Don't forget the Brigadier ;)

-- Last edit: 2008-04-15 10:01:51

stronghold EN

2008-04-15 10:00


a part seen Vauxhall nova
[Image: drwhodimensionsintime30pe1.9616.jpg]


2008-04-15 17:57


This was done as part of the annual Children in Need fundraising night in 1993.

taffy1967 WL

2009-08-17 18:41


I always proffered seeing the 3rd Doctor (the late great Jon Pertwee) with his lovely companion Jo Grant (Katy Manning). Sarah Jane Smith worked better with the 4th Doctor (Tom Baker).

Jo Grant from the 1972 10th anniversary special 'The Three Doctors': -

[Image: JoGrant-1.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2009-08-17 18:47:15 (G-MANN)

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