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Clocking Off, Série télé, 2000-2003 IMDB

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dsl SX

2014-10-14 20:39


[Image: title.104.jpg]

Set in a Manchester textiles factory, which was filmed at Trencherfield Mill in Wigan
[Image: factory.jpg] [Image: factoryb.jpg]
A great series for sewing machine enthusiasts.

All series 1-4 completed. Each episode is the story of one of the workers and are all excellent dramas - good plots often with unexpected outcomes, excellent actors - well worth watching. S1 the only series released on DVD, S2-4 taken from other sources so less quality.

Ep1.05 US camper on TV
[Image: s1e5tvcamper.jpg]

Ep3.07 Irn-Bru moment
[Image: ep3-07irnbru.jpg]

Planes for impdb - all from ep1.02 filmed at Manchester airport
[Image: s1e2plane.jpg] [Image: s1e2planeb.jpg]

[Image: s1e2planec.jpg] [Image: s1e2planed.jpg]

[Image: s1e2planee.jpg] [Image: s1e2planef.jpg]

[Image: s1e2planeg.jpg] [Image: s1e2planeh.jpg]

[Image: s1e2planej.jpg] [Image: s1e2planek.jpg]

[Image: s1e2planel.jpg] [Image: s1e2planem.jpg]

[Image: s1e2planen.jpg]

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2014-10-21 07:45


British trucks :)

Corkeyandpals US

2015-07-13 00:10


Aircraft at: http://impdb.org/index.php?title=Clocking_Off

chicomarx BE

2015-07-25 00:58


@dsl opinion on the two waiting? It's your series.

dsl SX

2015-07-25 01:07


Fine by me - I mentioned the Audi at /vehicle_756190-Mercedes-Benz-C-Klasse-W202-2000.html which was a 2* - probably should have given it a page, but was waiting to see if it reappeared for a better/different view, but it didn't, and I forgot all about it. I don't remember the Rover 25 appearance, but no worries about it going in.

Glad to see someone else watching this excellent series. Deserves a full box set re-release.

chicomarx BE

2015-07-25 01:14


Well they're validated. timo jumps in with a few pics everywhere, I have the impression.

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