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This Year - London, Kurzfilm, 1951 IMDB

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dsl SX

2017-09-11 04:33


[Image: title.417.jpg] [Image: titleb.43.jpg] [Image: titlec.18.jpg]

24 minute film taken from
[Image: covercompx3.jpg]
British Transport Films Volume One: On and Off the Rails 2-DVD set. Can't find a copy online, which is a pity because it is a fascinating film with lots of well designed footage of how London was at that point 5 years after WW2, and some packed street scenes full of cars/vans/trucks/buses etc to enjoy. And it has a subtle - almost affectionate humour - as this small extract which was the only bit I could find, no cars - just happy folk enjoying themselves. (And a goof - you can spot one of the camera crews on the boat).

A works day out for a Leicester shoe factory in London. They arrive on a special train
[Image: special.jpg]
and then tour round in a fleet of 4 coaches
[Image: 06-59coaches.jpg]

One odd thing - voice-over says 17 June 1951 but there's absolutely nothing about the 1951 Festival of Britain, which would have been the Big Event In London that year. One review suggests it was actually filmed in 1949-50 from the cinema billings, and from cars and plates early-mid 1950 would fit.

- one bloke brings his gramophone along for the train ride
[Image: gramophone.jpg]

- Guinness ad, camera
[Image: guinness.1.jpg] [Image: capture.2.jpg]

- messing about on the river (a cruise) and the SL Streatley, still based at the same village - Streatley!! - and can be hired. Seen before in 1924 film comments and 1949 film comments.

[Image: boatb.1.jpg] [Image: boat.2.jpg]

- boats for jfs
[Image: jfs.jpg] [Image: jfsa.jpg]

[Image: jfsb.jpg] [Image: jfsc.jpg]

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