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Axel Nort, Série télé, 1966 IMDB

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chris R NL

2011-07-27 15:39


Flemish children/youth series - somewhat related to the series "Kapitein Zeppos" which is already on imcdb:
The actor who did the main character in "Kapitein Zeppos" (Senne Rouffaer) was one of the directors of "Axel Nort".
The main character in "Axel Nort" drives the most unpretentious car - the Citroen 2CV. His young assistent, the son of police commissioner Talboom - mostly drives his father's car, a Simca 1500.
But of course the attention of us youthful viewers went to the car driven by the mysterious "lady with the scarf": the magnificent white Ford Mustang.

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