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Sierra Leone Greets the Queen, Court métrage, 1962 IMDB

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dsl SX

2017-03-06 19:29


[Image: title.285.jpg] [Image: titleb.13.jpg] [Image: titlec.8.jpg]

22 minute report on November visit to newly-independent Sierra Leone taken from
[Image: covercomp.jpg]
The Queen on Tour (COI Collection Volume Seven) 2-dvd set. Can't find a full copy online but first 3 minutes here and parallel newsreel reports on youtube with some overlapping footage such as this one.

Very much the usual format, but slight impression at some points that this was a genuine celebration by happy Sierra Leonans alongside all the stage management and formality.

Liz and Phil arrived and departed on the Britannia accompanied by two destroyers and a frigate, so no planes involved. Also means ample opportunity to bring some of her UK cars with her, with 2 obvious candidates and a possible third.

robi DE

2017-03-06 23:32


dsl, I must say, I really enjoy looking at these old short reports, they are very interesting.

dsl SX

2017-03-07 00:00


:king: I like them as well - fascinating insights into old attitudes and histories. And they go to lots of unusual (for us) places, so you never know what might pop up.

ingo DE

2017-03-07 00:42


What's specific "made for WAL" at all listed vehicles?

dsl SX

2017-03-07 00:46


Novelty value. We've never used that code before. And there would be lots of tweaks for tropical spec compared to UK.

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