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The Angels' Share, Film, 2012 IMDB

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  • Angels' Share - Ein Schluck für die Engel (Germany)
  • La parte de los ángeles (Spain)
  • La part des anges (France)
  • La 'parte' degli angeli (Italy)

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dsl SX

2014-10-10 23:51


[Image: title.103.jpg]
Another excellent Ken Loach film. Takes a fairly standard light comedy storyline (think The Full Monty remixed) but avoids the usual cliches and turns it into something memorable, subtle and poignant. And when it tries to be funny, it is. Lots of Scottish locations used very well - west and east Glasgow, Edinburgh, Highlands around Tain.

Have added entries, all timings, additional pictures and comments etc

BSM driving school Fiat 500 at 07-29
[Image: 07-29fiatbsm.jpg] [Image: 07-29fiatbsmb.jpg]
- BSM traditionally use a huge fleet of Corsas, but Fiat got the supply contract for a couple of years. My niece learned to drive in one of these - hers was diesel - and said a very easy car to learn on. But Vauxhall won the contract back so it's Corsas again.

Plot involves a lot of whisky distillery visits and sequences; the main one is Balblair at Edderton, near Tain
[Image: distillerybalblair.jpg] [Image: distillerybalblair2.jpg]
- a very nice whisky, but not as good as Highland Park.

Other distilleries mixed in eg Glengoyne distillery near Killearn (NW of Glasgow)
[Image: 22-12saabc28-08.jpg]
[Image: barrels.jpg] [Image: title2.47.jpg]
suggest several more were involved.

And an absolute orgy of Irn-Bru consumption, although labels always away from camera. Note the expert technique - has to be drunk neat from the bottle - no mixers and definitely not poured into a glass. And never finish the bottle - always leave some at the bottom.
[Image: irnbru.jpg] [Image: irnbru2.jpg]

[Image: irnbru3.jpg] [Image: irnbru4.jpg]

[Image: irnbru5.jpg] [Image: irnbru6.jpg]
Sandie a écrit The soft drink of kings.

One of my favourite roads - the B9176 from Alness over the Struie pass and down to the Dornoch Firth
[Image: struie.jpg] [Image: struie2.jpg]
- the Easter Fearn bridge was built by Thomas Telford 200 years ago and - with some more recent strengthening - copes with thundering timber lorries and whatever else today. I monitored a nearby windfarm construction a few years ago, commuting to and fro on this road from B&B in Bonar Bridge - that blind exit curve is an intricate manoeuvre for anything long including coaches and especially artics. We had one memorable day when an artic carrying 2 excavators coming up met a timber truck coming down - 3 hours of intricate reversing until they could pass ....

[Image: bts.jpg] [Image: castle.jpg]

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