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Le voyage à Biarritz, Film, 1963 IMDB

Images fournies par : Bebert, sixcyl

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Titres alternatifs :

  • The Trip to Biarritz
  • De reis naar Biarritz (Belgium)
  • Matka Biarritziin (Finland)
  • Diakopes sto Biarritz (Greece)

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Bebert FR

2007-08-23 12:35


En bonus, un petit air de nationale 7...
[Image: bonuszq7.3930.jpg]

sixcyl FR

2010-05-16 20:46


[Image: 242614-LE_VOYAGE.jpg]

The only view of Biarritz :D
[Image: 242627-PAYS_AA.jpg]

Une 141R
[Image: 242615-TRAIN_AA.jpg] [Image: 242616-TRAIN_AD.jpg] [Image: 242617-TRAIN_AJ.jpg] [Image: 242618-TRAIN_AS.jpg] [Image: 242620-PAYS_AC.jpg]

et British Railways (I think railway tracks in UK were already nationalized in 1963, if I'm not wrong..)
[Image: 242619-TRAIN_BA.jpg] [Image: 242621-PAYS_BA.jpg]

Nice pics of aiplanes in this film:

Arletty et Catherine Sola
[Image: 242635-COM_BB.jpg]

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chris40 UK

2010-05-16 20:51


sixcyl a écrit et British Railways (I think railway tracks in UK were already nationalized in 1963, if I'm not wrong..)
An Ilyushin Il-18 of polish company LOT

British Railways were nationalised in 1948 ... and thanks, Jean-Marc, for identifying the airline; I should have known, I flew on a LOT Il-18 in 1973. Maybe they changed the livery.

sixcyl FR

2010-05-16 21:00


They had similar livery 10 years later, here a picture of SP-LSH in 1975 ;)
[Image: 242636-1559582.JPGRET.JPG]

Nice airplane :)

chris40 UK

2010-05-16 21:58


The turboprops vibrated rather, but the stewardesses (flight attendants) were nice - my mother and I were the only passengers without a drop of Polish blood.

sixcyl FR

2010-12-26 16:46


Aircrafts in this film also at:

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