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Faces of Harlow, Dokumentarfilm, 1964 IMDB

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dsl SX

2014-07-29 05:20


[Image: title1.5.jpg] [Image: title2.12.jpg]
"Promotional piece, commissioned by Harlow itself, extolling the virtues of this new town." Nearly as exciting as it sounds.

For mike962
[Image: 03-47tipper.jpg]

Lots of scooters, a Jag XK150 and a Minor Convertible in the gloom - can be given pages if anyone can make sense of them - is the all-chrome one identifiable??
[Image: scooters23-071.jpg] [Image: scooters23-072.jpg]

[Image: scooters23-073.jpg] [Image: scooters23-074.jpg]

[Image: scooters23-075.jpg] [Image: scooters23-076.jpg]

Plane G-ARPD for impdb
[Image: plane1g-aprda.jpg] [Image: plane1g-aprdb.jpg]

[Image: plane1g-aprdc.jpg] [Image: plane1g-aprdd.jpg]

[Image: plane1g-aprde.jpg] [Image: plane1g-aprdf.jpg]

[Image: plane1g-aprd.jpg] [Image: plane1g-aprdg.jpg]

[Image: plane1g-aprdh.jpg]

dsl SX

2014-07-29 05:51


more to come ....


2014-07-29 10:48


Can't wait :)

dsl SX

2014-07-29 12:50


2* at 03-42
[Image: 03-42scraperb.jpg]
mike962 wrote NOT self propelled, looks to be pulled by the badly vsible bulldozer...

the old trailer type
[Image: getfileid55previewlong.jpg]

Corkeyandpals US

2014-10-13 02:16


Aircraft at: http://impdb.org/index.php?title=Faces_of_Harlow

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