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Voldtekt, Kinofilm, 1971 IMDB

Die Bilder wurden hinzugefügt durch: Lateef

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Also known as:

  • Rape
  • Våldtäkt (Sweden)

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Lateef NO

2011-08-24 22:42

[Image: vlcsnap2011082419h07m05.6251.jpg]
As much as I love crime/police dramas/series and crime movies in general, I despise courtroom dramas. Exceptionally boring and hardly any interesting cars at all. And this comes from someone who enjoys watching Derrick.

ingo DE

2011-08-24 22:45

But Derrick was very boring, too.

Lateef NO

2011-08-24 22:46


ingo DE

2011-08-24 22:53

For me it was. :o Always the same plot in the same setting (the high society of München), no trace of humour, neither any grip to the reality, clumsy dialogues- boering as hell. There were several much better German police-series (Tatort, Der Fahnder, SOKO 5113, Ein Fall für Zwei, Stahlnetz (the orginal), Großstadtrevier, etc.)
Once I've tried to watch one Derrick-episode, I've switched off after some minutes, because it was so boring.

Lateef NO

2011-08-24 22:54

Apropos Derrick: I hope they release Helmer & Sigurdson on DVD. That was the Norwegian answer to the TV success Derrick. It revolved around the same plot basically, one older and one younger detective solving murder-cases, only that this show was, according to my dad (I've never seen it) very bad in terms of acting and plots. But who cares, as long as there are some interesting 70s cars in the show ;)

ingo DE

2011-08-24 23:01

Yes, this is the only interesting thing of the old Derrick-episodes, the cars. Fortunately we have a Derrick-fan here, so we don't have to watch it by ourselves :)
Otherwise: due the always same setting, you cannot expect really interesting stuff. Maybe the makers rented a few high-priced cars, because it played exclusively in rich households, but does that makes it worth to watch?

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