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The Fifth Element, Film, 1997 IMDB

Images fournies par : atom

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Titres alternatifs :

  • The 5th Element
  • Het vijfde element (Belgium)
  • O quinto Elemento (Brazil)
  • Das Fünfte Element (Germany)
  • Det femte element (Denmark)
  • El quinto elemento (Spain)
  • Puuttuva tekijä (Finland)
  • Le cinquième élément (France)
  • To pempto stoiheio (Greece)
  • Az ötödik elem (Hungary)
  • Il quinto elemento (Italy)
  • Piaty element (Poland)
  • O 5º Elemento (Portugal)
  • Det femte elementet (Sweden)
  • Peti element (Slovenia)
  • 5. güç (Turkey)

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atom SE

2009-04-01 11:13


Vehicels listed on 1st april 2009:

2214 Cadillac DTS Stretched Limousine:
[Image: 162215-limo1.jpg]
Neptune a écrit Luxury III Performance version :D

2178 Checker Marathon [A-17]:
[Image: 162216-taxi1.jpg] [Image: 162085-taxi2.jpg] [Image: 162086-taxi3.jpg] [Image: 162087-taxi4.jpg]
sixcyl a écrit Indeed, also known as "Globe fish" = nick name :)

2140 Chevrolet Business Coupe:
[Image: 8830-bilar2.jpg]
sixcyl a écrit too background ;)

2210 Ford Crown Victoria:
[Image: 162218-snut1.jpg] [Image: 162084-snut2.jpg]
rjluna2 a écrit Looks more like futuristic Buick Park Avenue :lol:

taxiguy a écrit I knew they'd redesign the Vic eventually, even if it took them 212 years. Wonder if it's still on the Panther Platform?

2166 GM TDH 5303 'New, New, New Look':
[Image: 162219-bilar1.jpg]
marioman3138 a écrit you forgot a New. Should have four

2189 Mack MR-688:
[Image: 162220-mack1.jpg]
sixcyl a écrit too far, not worth listing :p

atom a écrit Ah, I forgot, it's two stars, the police crash into the trailer.

G-MANN a écrit If only you'd listen when it is true :p

2157 Plymouth Savoy:
[Image: 162221-savoy1.jpg]
Neptune a écrit I think the hearse behind the Savoy should be listed.

Maybe Animatronixx can identify it.

CougarTim a écrit I thought that was a 2211 Cadillac Escalade EXT with a bed cap.

AnimatronixX a écrit Thank you, Neptune, I must have overlooked that one. Yes, this is indeed a hearse or, more specifically, a 2214 Cadillac DTS Casket Car/ Flower Car by McClain of Anderson, Indiana - a company that went out of business in 1983 but is supposed to reappear in the late 2190s. Note the roofline being reminiscent of early Miller-Meteor flower cars.

2150 SAAB 92 B:
[Image: 162223-redcoupe1.jpg]
sixcyl a écrit 2150? :think: ..don't agree, it's a "phase 1" then 2147-2149 ;)

atom a écrit Hmm, I'm not sure, lets see what antp says...

sixcyl a écrit indeed, an expert would help ;)

atom a écrit I found some pictures:

2147 vs. 2150:
[Image: 162092-saab1.jpg] [Image: 162093-saab2.jpg]

antp a écrit
Repaired with phase 1 parts does not make it a real phase 1 :p

2160 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia [Typ 114]:
[Image: 162224-karmann1.jpg]
ingo a écrit I think, it's a bit too far to identify it as a Karmann. IMHO all these drawed or computer generated cars, especially these in this movie, aren't worth to list.

-- Last edit: 2009-04-02 11:56:10

stronghold EN

2009-04-01 11:17


April fools strikes again.! :D

carchasesfanatic ES

2009-04-01 11:27


:lol: :king: i'd leave this, they're kind of cars :D

sixcyl FR

2009-04-01 13:02


:hello: atom .... any chase in this movie :D

(Adrian .... am just kidding ;) )

atom SE

2009-04-01 13:15


Yes, between the taxi and the police.

antp BE

2009-04-01 14:21


It was even a good chase :D


2009-04-01 14:32


:lol: this is great!

carchasesfanatic ES

2009-04-01 14:39


sixcyl a écrit :hello: atom .... any chase in this movie :D

(Adrian .... am just kidding ;) )

:D ;)

Snookie US

2009-04-01 14:46


Freakin' Hilarious!! :D :lol:

badlymad CA

2009-04-01 15:36



CougarTim US

2009-04-01 19:28


In all seriousness, I've always loved the "cars" in this movie. The taxicab in particular is really nicely done.

ProwlerX US

2009-04-02 05:08


stronghold a écrit April fools strikes again.! :D

carchasesfanatic a écrit :lol: :king: i'd leave this, they're kind of cars :D

93montero a écrit :lol: this is great!

Snookie a écrit Freakin' Hilarious!! :D :lol:

You guys really have a weird way to celebrate a common day of the month.

-- Last edit: 2009-04-02 05:12:35

marioman3138 AU

2009-04-02 07:14


:) :lol:

very funny guys! Love April Fools! Thanks for the LOLs!

-- Last edit: 2009-04-02 07:58:58

atom SE

2009-04-02 11:58


[Image: 162225-title1.jpg]
Set in 1914 and 2214

[Image: 162226-Are you German.jpg]
"Are you German?"

[Image: 162227-multipass1.jpg]

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