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Mission Top Secret, Série télé, 1992-1995 IMDB

Images fournies par : Weasel1984

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Titres alternatifs :

  • Achtung - Streng geheim! (Germany)
  • Kentauri kutsuu (Finland)
  • A titkos küldetés (Hungary)
  • Tajna misja (Poland)

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Weasel1984 PL

2015-09-06 20:45


[Image: 0mtop.jpg] [Image: 0mtop1.jpg]
Season 1 is completed.
Aircraft are to see at impdb.org

IMDb link is correct, but 1st season of this series was made in 1992 and not 1994 - see right thumb above.
IMDb says that S.1 had only 6 episodes, however version aired eg. in Poland had 24 episodes, as in this version every ep./story have been divided for 4 shorter sub-episodes. I kept IMDb's division on 6 eps, but marked sub-eps with letters A, B, C, D (no letter if vehicle appeared in more than one sub-episode).

Ep. 1.3A and 1.3D - models of da Vinci's tank [*][*]:
[Image: 00davincitank.jpg] [Image: 00davincitank2.jpg] [Image: vinci3d.jpg]
Ep. 1.3A - "Red line" of electronic equipment - special edition for devilish bad charcters ;) :
[Image: 0komp.jpg]
Ep. 1.3C - France - some microcar [*]:
[Image: 3cmicro1.jpg] [Image: 3cmicro.jpg]
Ep. 1.4C - Switzerland - Mitsubishi Tredia [*] (top of the pic):
[Image: tredia.jpg]
We don't have listed many in Euro-version.
Ep. 1.6A - in at least 2 eps there are also these... "dogs" based on remote controlled toy cars:
[Image: dog.jpg]
Ep. 1.6B-1.6D - remote controlled mole [*][*][*]:
[Image: kret6b.jpg] [Image: kret6b1.jpg]
Ep. 1.6D - Ferrari [*][*]:
[Image: 6d.jpg]

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