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TRON: Legacy, Film, 2010 IMDB

Images fournies par : Neptune, Alex347_2, achiu31, antp

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Neptune US

2009-07-31 02:21


Captures from HD Theatrical Trailer ...


Neptune US

2010-10-29 00:34


Old game machines ...

[Image: c.jpg] [Image: d.jpg]

Touch display desk ...

[Image: e.jpg]

Neptune US

2010-10-29 00:36


Some little blurry cycle ...

[Image: f.jpg]

demetrie US

2010-11-23 09:25


^ This is the original Light Cycle from the Original Tron movie. I like this one better than the new cycle.

-- Last edit: 2011-12-14 17:29:58 (G-MANN)

Shervinator US

2010-12-18 23:12


Just saw the movie. In a flashback to 1989, it shows Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges' character) riding an old Ducati. I'm not familiar with Ducati bikes, but I can tell you that it was silver in color and very '80s-looking with plastic panels all around. It is mentioned later on in the movie.

Shervinator US

2011-01-02 22:45


Never mind. It's a 1978 Ducati 900SS. Can we get some pictures on here?

ford_guy US

2011-01-28 06:40


It's the first car listed :p

Besides, the movie isn't complete yet. As Neptune noted, these are images from the trailer.

antp BE

2014-09-23 17:54


Refresh of the pictures from the HD version, also the opportunity to replace all the pics lost by imageshack/geting.se

Semi-trailer truck with no good view:
[Image: tron2_000640_c17.jpg] [Image: tron2_000643_c28.jpg]

Other virtual vehicles:
[Image: tron2_010639_c43.jpg] [Image: tron2_010715_c24.jpg]

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