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Clerks., Kinofilm, 1994 IMDB

Die Bilder wurden hinzugefügt durch: no_car, G-MANN, KAOS, antp, shlc647

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Also known as:

  • Clerks, les employés modèles (France)
  • Clerks - Commessi (Italy)

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salvation UK

2006-07-10 02:45


"Do you have hubcaps for a '72 pinto hatch-back?
Ooh! Mini Truckin' Magazine!"

I think this quote is suitable :miam:

I think I may have found Quick Stop via http://local.live.com/ you can view with street names on.
I'm not sure about it but its on the correct street and theres an empty lot across the street(might be oucpied now)

[Image: quickrst4kl.6870.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2006-07-10 03:11:51


2007-01-06 03:58


hard to tell with the sattellite photos but I dont think thats it. It's about a block off the highway, just after the first street on the right. its a long building with a few storefronts in it with nose in parking out front.

salvation UK

2007-04-03 05:56


Yeah well now i've found it.
[Image: quickstoptz7.1316.jpg]

Stampede1975 US

2007-04-26 06:35


There was an early 1980s Nissan Maxima that was shown after the funeral.

antp BE

2007-04-26 13:47


What do you mean by "shown"? If G-MANN & I did not notice it, it was probably not really visible?


2008-10-24 19:20


[Image: clerks2cp1.jpg]

kazimann IE

2009-09-30 15:27


Such a brilliant film!

I relate to it as I work in a crappy shop too!

-- Last edit: 2009-09-30 15:30:21

shlc647 US

2019-11-03 09:07


[Image: screenshot743.jpg]

Done with Blu Ray captures and adding a couple missing vehicles.

One of my all time favorite Indie movies, and one of the funniest Indie movies at that.


2020-02-03 15:02


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