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The Real McCoy, Film, 1993 IMDB

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  • L'affaire Karen McCoy (France)

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2006-02-03 02:43


Only one car listed?

What about Terence Stamp black BMW 7-Series E32?

What about Gaillard Sartain's beige Volvo (don't remember the model. It was 2-door Saloon though).

Kim Basinger drives briefly a Toyota Corolla Hatchback.

The police Ford Tauruses...and an old Chevrolet Van.

antp BE

2006-02-03 10:33



Ralph DE

2007-05-24 01:40


[Image: mccoy00qe2.883.jpg] [Image: mccoy00acv7.4297.jpg] [Image: mccoy00bfu3.875.jpg] [Image: mccoy18atn9.3782.jpg]

Honda Civic 1.7 TH

2009-02-19 17:43


Many Hollywood movies in the past until present day like to make the image of fat man are look terrible,or look like the stupid guy...The hansome guy,the skiny guy are good..fat man are bad(especially the whit fat man)..That's all the Hollywood's film maker like to put in in their movies.

That's true...Evan almighty(2007),One night at McCools(2001),Born Yesterday(1993),The real McCoy..are some of the evidences to support what I just talked.

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