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Varg Veum - Falne engler, Film, 2008 IMDB

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  • Fallen Angels
  • Varg Veum - Kuolleet enkelit (Finland)

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atom SE

2008-08-11 16:21


[Image: title1fg8.8428.jpg]

taxiguy US

2008-08-11 17:49


I am confused as to why there is a Caprice Estate in Europe? Wouldn't a car that big get stuck in the narrow city streets that you have there?

-- Last edit: 2008-08-11 17:50:32

atom SE

2008-08-11 17:52


Haha, it's not that bad!

Anyhow one character in the movie have been to USA to record a record and brings the Chevy back to Norway.

taxiguy US

2008-08-11 18:00


But it is that bad. I saw an epidsode of Top Gear, where Jeremy Clarkson drove a Ford GT through cantral London, and it was so wide he actually got stuck on some narrow bridge, and 18 cars had to back up so he could get out! :p
I checked, and the width of the Ford GT is 76.9 inches, and the width of the Caprice Estate is 79.3 inches! So yes it would get stuck! :D

Tönz DE

2008-08-11 21:51


In Norway population density isn't half as high as in the States, so there's more than enough space for US-cars. In the UK it's 20 times higher than in Norway :o (No, I didn't know that off pat, I had to check Wikipedia ...)

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