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Ripoux contre ripoux, Kinofilm, 1990 IMDB

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sixcyl FR

2007-12-05 19:41


[Image: ripouxcontreripouxjp4.9597.jpg]

With Grace De Capitani again (..Hi ! Steeve ;) )

[Image: comaahz2.th.jpg] [Image: comabjo2.808.jpg] [Image: comadsx6.2045.jpg] [Image: comaedd3.th.jpg] [Image: comafxo3.8928.jpg]
[Image: comacck6.5515.jpg]

40 years later? :D
[Image: combavi0.th.png]

With Line Renaud (as girl friend of Philippe Noiret, replacing "Régine" of the first part in "Les Ripoux" ... a little bit "better" but not much :D )
[Image: comccez2.9164.jpg] [Image: comcbwa0.1024.jpg] [Image: comcaly2.9909.jpg]

a congress of b... , sorry .."peripateticians" ;)
[Image: comeagp7.7633.jpg] [Image: comebdn3.th.png] [Image: comecge6.7384.jpg] [Image: comdbwf3.th.jpg] [Image: comdaav7.th.jpg] [Image: comdcrn1.th.jpg]

..At least Paris ...Pantruche Paname
le quartier Montmartre
[Image: paysageaaht4.6923.jpg] [Image: paysageabie0.9701.jpg] [Image: paysageacgb8.7640.jpg] [Image: funiculaireaaiv3.6187.jpg] [Image: funiculaireabxd1.8956.jpg] [Image: funiculaireacab7.8523.jpg] [Image: funiculaireados5.5675.jpg]

[Image: metroaafh7.8209.jpg] [Image: metroabxc0.3121.jpg] [Image: metroacgn3.8499.jpg]

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Red Grant US

2007-12-16 01:33


any chases?

Aziz FR

2017-02-15 16:48


Red Grant wrote any chases?

A little one between the BMW 316 and the Renault 21 Nevada at the beginning of the movie.

-- Last edit: 2017-02-15 16:48:38

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