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Ford on Safari: East African Safari 1964 - Cortina Conquest, Dokumentarfilm, 1964

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dsl SX

2015-02-23 00:04


[Image: title.121.jpg] [Image: title2.56.jpg]

Not listed in imdb, so title has been written to match source DVD
[Image: dvdmenupage.1.jpg]
and its other 3 contained films. Can also be seen at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_fQQ6ZO47tM

Very much a Ford promo to commemorate their victory, but has some great footage and good reproduction. 21 finishers from 98 entries. It's also fun for capturing the spirit of adventure - the co-ordinated efforts of the works teams with serious objectives, alongside so many individual private entries who just seem to be challenging themselves for the sheer hell of it. So many of these - often obscure - names keep resurfacing from earlier years and reappear in later events in all kinds of different cars. Seems as if 50 years ago everyone was just enthusiastic about participating as much as wanting to be successful, and they all had a jolly good time.

cl82 DE

2015-02-23 01:28


All I can say is that I`m also having a jolly good time since you have been posting all of these wonderful rallye-documentaries. Thanks a lot!

dsl SX

2015-02-23 01:37


:king: And a :king: to robi for starting this road off.

robi DE

2015-02-23 19:01


I'm glad you are an expert on this topic, because I am not, although I really enjoy old rally footage.

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